Vision Artist: Lissette

Vision Artist: Lissette

Lissette is an avid supporter of the art’s community and has incorporated her artistic passion into handmade accessories made with natural stone beads. She has always had a passion for the fashion/art industry and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. She discovered her love for accessories shortly after college.

She believes accessories can make or break the outfit. Her work includes rings, pins, etc. She uses vibrant colors derived from wire, stones, and clay. Her creative outlook on the artistic side of the jewelry making process has advanced her work into something unique and original that can be shared in everyday life.

Lissette’s accessory art is selftaught and she encourages others to pursue their passion and dreams no matter how big or small. With time and dedication she is now a proud owner of a small business located in Orlando and is excited to continue to see the growth of the art/fashion industry.

Vision Artist:  Cianna

Vision Artist:  Cianna

 Born and raised in Orlando Cianna’s art work has flourished and been a part of several art showcases in the past including the Winter Park Arts Festival, City Arts Factory, and the Purple Orchid Café. She has been creating art ever since she could remember. When she was in elementary school her favorite toys were crayons and brushes, and art has always been her favorite subject. This love of art has brought her to where she is today and her art has been an integral part of the growth and development that the art world in Orlando has to offer.

  Cianna’s paintings explore the inner workings of the human mind and delves deeper into the fascinating concept of dreams that tap into the altered state of consciousness. She uses her paintings to explore within herself and confront the many questions she has about life, spirituality, and reality. Through her use of art and vibrant color she attempts to render abstract hallucinations into 2D representations that really share a vision of what goes on beyond the human mind.  

 Cianna is currently studying psychology and studio art at UCF and hopes to one day become an art therapist. She is a firm believer that creation allows us to reflect and interpret and can also help us heal. 

Heat of the Week: Week 7, Vote Now!

Heat of the Week: Week 7, Vote Now!

Heat of the Week Update: On May 9th, Venue 578 will be hosting The Heat. The first four winners plus two redemptions for a chance at opening of for T.I and the Hustle Gang tour. These artists will be judged on content, delivery, and crowd response. This is a great networking opportunity for all local artists in the area to come together and support each other on a major scale. Come meet members of Venue 578 and the Music Plug to see what steps you need to take in becoming the next Hometown Hero. Tickets are $5 dollars and for 15$ you can have all you can drink for the first two hours. The winner of this week will compete in the same showcase in June for the opportunity to open for a major headlining artist. The Heat of the Week winner’s will grow their resume more than ever before, so give them all the support they can get. These artists represent your culture, so listen to what they have to offer and vote on your favorite song.


Myke Nation “Cortex” 

Nino Ca$ino & Julius the Superb “Wavy” 

Contra Saturn FT Gloria Marie “Time” 

Via C.J “Weapons”

Otis Oak “Glitter” 

Heat of the Week: Gabriel “Neverland/Awake”

Heat of the Week: Gabriel “Neverland/Awake”


Gabriel was born in Lakeland, FL, which is a pretty small town on the I4 corridor in between Tampa and Orlando. His mother was born and raised in Lakeland, but his father emigrated from Saudi Arabia in the 90s. His family is originally Palestinian, Gabriel’s grandparents on his Arabic side were from the West Bank, but were forced to move because of conflict with Israel. There aren’t a lot of Muslims from where he is from, so growing up was there was pretty interesting. There were a lot of people who didn’t understand it being a different religion, so for a while, I had to deal with people belittling everything about it, especially after 9/11 and during the Iraq war. Gabriel is a poet, more than anything.His last name “Al-Shaer” actually means “family of poets” in Arabic, so it’s in his blood to be a poet. That’s what he aims for when he create, rather than going for any specific type of genre. Gabriel is 22 years old. His elementary and middle school, Rochelle School of the Arts in Lakeland, was an art school so growing up he had a lot of different influences from all these different aspects of the arts. Gabriel was in chorus from 3rd grade until 8th grade,  played saxophone in band and jazz band from fourth grade until eighth grade, keyboard from third to fifth grade, and show choir from seventh grade until eighth grade.


 After middle school, He didn’t take part in any organized musical activities, but would always be singing and freestyling, just fooling around in class getting on the teacher’s nerves. Junior year a couple of his friends and him started a band for a community service project, where we would play music and volunteer for events. During exams senior year, they performed at the school talent show - nothing serious, just a medley of covers, and the girls went crazy in the audience when we started performing. Gabriel played football so nobody thought he could sing, but it was seriously surreal. He felt like a Beatle. His mom was an amazing singer, though. She’s the one who really taught him to how to do it well, like the mechanics behind it. Some of my first memories are with her singing in the car.

Once he got to college, after his freshman year when he still played football, he started doing open mics around UCF to get back in that feel of performing. He was mostly performing covers because, at the time, he didn’t have his own written material yet. He started taking music a lot more serious when he started recording and posting material with one of Orlando’s up and coming producers landlordcollectin. Shouts out to him because he saw something in Gabriel, and he was the first to get him to take this seriously.

Besides doing music, he likes to play chess - He’s been playing since his grandfather taught him when he was five. It’s a great game. he reads a lot as well, and he’ll play FIFA every now and then with the homies. 


 Did you always want to be an artist? 

-When I was really small I remember my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I wasn’t sure exactly how to describe it, but I remember I had seen this guy on television performing in front of a bunch of people and I thought that was so cool. I remembered they’d called him a rock star on TV so I told her I wanted to be a rock star. Her reaction was funny, though, she just responded, “Oh, that’s not good. You don’t want to be a rock star, honey.” So I was just like, “Okay whatever you say.” So for a long time it wasn’t an express goal to be an artist, but it was always something I thought I wanted to do so I would think about things I would do if I ever had that platform where I could achieve that goal - sort of internalizing the skills without going after it until I had that independence to finally do it. 


Do you remember the first song you made?

-The first song I ever wrote was with the community service band we started my junior year in high school. We called ourselves EGK, by the way. We were doing a cover of ‘Where is the Love’ by the Black Eyed Peas, but we were doing it for our school Hamlet project to show we understood the themes behind the play. I rewrote the whole song. It was the first time I’d ever done anything like writing a song, but I remember just being amazed when we were finished that I could do it. One of the lyrics went, “If my soul is mine to keep, can I set another free,” and I remember thinking to myself, at the time, that that was pretty deep. 


What makes you different?

-A lot of things make me different, just like with any other artist. I think growing up and having to reconcile being a part of a different religion than my friends gave me a different perspective that a lot of Americans never have to go through. It’s helped me to look at the world by how others might perceive it instead of with just my own perspective. 

Besides that, my friends and family have definitely impacted me to want to be better. Everybody’s been so supportive and inspiring to me in their daily endeavors that it’s made me want to be a better person. I don’t know if my support system is any different from other artists but I would not be who I am today without them.

Greatest accomplishment in life/music?  

-When I was in sixth grade I got really sick and had to miss a couple weeks of school. We had a big poetry project due for when I got back so I just worked on that, off and on, while I was sick at home. I got an A+ on the project, and it baffled me, to be completely honest, because writing it seemed so natural. One of the poems ended up getting published in a Polk County Poetry Anthology, and I thought that was the coolest thing - being a published writer. 

Top 5 Artists you want to work with?

-This is a tough one. 

Number one, I would have to say Frank Ocean. I love the emotion he puts behind his music. You have to be fearless to display feeling with so much honesty.

2.] Number two would be Noah “40” Shebib. His production is iconic, and was a huge soundtrack behind my high school years, and my artistic development. 

3.] Number three is Post Malone. I love classic rock, especially Fleetwood Mac, and his cover of Fleetwood’s “Dreams” was so freaking cool. Man, I would love to do something like that.

4.] Number four would be Hozier. His lyrics are ethereal. And the way he combines blues, rock n’ roll and gospel is beautiful. 

5.] Lastly, I would have to say Kendrick Lamar. The themes that he represents through his music are timeless and, at this point, are another aspect of American countercultural history. Plus, he’s the greatest of all time.

Favorite Producer?

-My favorite producer of all time is Noah “40” Shebib. His production perfectly captured how I was feeling during high school, and especially with Take Care. I listened to Take Care every day my entire junior year. Every time I listen to it now I get nostalgic for that period.

My favorite producer right now is Flying Lotus, though. I haven’t stopped listening to his last album “You’re Dead,” since it dropped two years ago. 

Who’s the hottest in the game right now?

-Kendrick Lamar. No question. It could just be because his album dropped only a couple days ago, but that’s all anybody is talking about. He has that kind of influence where his name just markets itself. 

The ideal path into a successful career? 

-I’ve seen Dave Chappelle talk about how his career advanced at a natural pace, where he kept improving as his opportunities arose. He said he didn’t know if he would have been able to handle everything if it had been sprung upon him at a younger age, like how it happens with some in the entertainment business. I believe in the process towards success. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The ideal path is a natural progression where how talented you are is dictated by how much work you put in and stay consistent with, which will lead to bigger and bigger opportunities. Otherwise, I believe the success can destroy you.

Any other talents?  

-In high school I played linebacker and was actually captain of the varsity football team. I went on to play a year of college football at Stetson University before transferring to UCF. I also took part in an international chess tournament once, but I only did alright. 

Where are you from? 

-I’m from Polk County, or more specifically, Lakeland FL. It was a lot smaller, but it’s still growing pretty steadily. There is a nice art scene, but it’s mostly known for high school football. A couple of NFL players that have come out of Polk are the Pouncey twins, Ray Lewis, Bilal Powell and Chris Rainey. Tracy McGrady is actually from Polk County too. 

Who are your inspirations in life/music?

-Music-wise some of my biggest inspirations include Bizzy Bone, The Doors, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, and The Beatles. 2pac has always been of my biggest inspirations, as well. Not mostly for his music, but that he used his life as a platform to talk about his beliefs on the world, and that he stood up and stood for those beliefs and looked to make changes in the world to make a difference. 


Are you currently working on anything?

-I am currently working on an EP that should complete a trilogy of tapes that I’ve been working on for the last two years. It’s exciting to see an artistic vision come to life the way it has, but the final tape is still only a couple songs in right now.


What’s the greatest thing about Central Florida?

-The greatest thing about Central Florida, by far, is the diversity. Growing up, all my friend groups would have every different kind of race you could imagine. There’s a large Arab and hispanic population in both Tampa and Orlando, plus, because of the temple in Lakeland, a rather large Indian population, as well. One of the bigger musical conglomerates in Central Florida, Colours of the Culture, represents this diversity extremely well, and showcases with their various styles the many influences that people growing up in Central Florida have been a part of. I don’t think there are many places as diverse as this Central Florida region in America. 


What makes Central Florida home? 

-Central Florida is home, and will always be home, because this is where I’m from. I’m not the type to be perpetually nostalgic, but where I’m from is where I’m from and I will always represent myself with that in mind. I love this place. 


Anything you love about Orlando? 

Oh man, so much. I love the diversity and the aesthetic. It seems like you really can’t pinpoint Orlando, or box it into one area because it’s so sprawled out and massive. You can be near Oviedo and UCF, and get a completely different vibe from the city than you would being in the downtown area. And there’s just so much going on if you take the time to look. Whenever I first came here I was almost overwhelmed at what to make of everything, but over time you really find what you need to and where you want to be. The people here are amazing too. Growing up in a small town boxes you in as to what kind of personalities you’ll see. Coming here was one of the greatest things that’s happened in my life, by far.


Any people in the Central florida art/music scene you want to shout out? 

-Oh, yeah!! shouts out @moneymikeproductions, @lanlordcollectin,, @razatwn, @Creatives_Only, @swirlsss, @ColoursoftheCulture, @beatsbyjimmy, @thanksjoey, @tsashowcase, Much love <3





She Left Home


Ignorance is Bliss


Too Long (Series)




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Heat of the Week: Week 6, Vote Now!

Heat of the Week: Week 6, Vote Now!

Every week we're are growing bigger and bigger! Last week we had the most votes ever in the competition with 4,623 votes. Shout out to Randy Santos (go check out his new blog), Lvyson, and Psych Klan for making that happen. We are excited to announce we have an official date for our first Heat of the Week showcase at Venue 578. The showcase will be held on May 9th, the first 5 Heat of the Week winners and two redemption artists will compete to win the showcase. Come out and support local talent and help grow the Hip-Hop culture in Orlando together. Make sure to save the date, May 9th! This week of our segment we have 5 songs that are different from each other in all aspects. We have a little bit of everything to offer including conscious raps, witty lines, straight bars, experimental R&B and soul, and that 90’s feeling everyone loves. Listen to all of these songs and vote for which you think deserves the Heat of the Week!

SuCoo “Your Love”

Gabriel “Neverland/Awake”

Links “97 BARZ MIX”

Aundrae Black Ft Dial-lo Watts “Diplomats (For The Win)”

Crescendo Merc Ft SoyisREAL “It’s Over”

Heat of the Week 5: Randy Santos “Come to U”

Heat of the Week 5: Randy Santos “Come to U”


Randy Santos believes he is the future. He wants show everyone that it’s possible to do literally whatever you want in life, as long as you apply yourself and you truly believe in what it is you wanna do. He wants to push everyone into a new way of thinking. He is 20 Years old. He started writing raps back when he was 8 years old and stuck to it ever since. He’s interested in a lot of different things, mostly art. Randy likes to see everything as art in a way. He always at a young age that this is what he wanted to do. Santos was Born in Rhode Island, but was raised in Central Florida. His biggest influences are Tupac, Jay-Z, Andre 3000, and Slick Rick and many more. He just tries to learn from the greats and really apply it to his craft in his own way.


What makes you different?
I’m myself. I don’t try to sound like anyone else or fabricate anything in my music. Everything is 100% me and that’s the beauty of it. Nobody can replicate that and nobody can take that away from me.

How did the winning song come together/creative process?
To be honest I don’t really remember. I would love to tell y’all a cool story about how it came together but all I remember is that it was a late night and I recorded a few songs and sent them to my friends at like 6 in the morning. That’s usually how my nights go.

Greatest accomplishment in life/music?
I feel like it’s too early in my life for me to say right now.

Top 5 Artists you want to work with?
Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, and maybe Lolawolf.

Favorite Producer?
Kanye West

Who’s the hottest in the game right now?
Drake. It’s no question.

An ideal path into a successful career?
I feel like there isn’t one ideal set path. If I've learned anything from watching some of the most successful people it’s that everyone goes through their bumps in the road but it’s what you learn from that that makes you successful.

Any other talents?
I used to dance when I was younger. I swear I felt like I was gonna be on America’s Bess Dance Crew.

Are you currently working on anything?
Right now there’s a few things in the works and a few ideas floating around. Trying to have something fun for you guys by the summer.

What is OG Records?
OG Records is a collective of young creatives that wanna bring dope shit to the world in every artistic way possible.

What’s the greatest thing about Central Florida?
The scenery. The scenery here is beautiful, I feel like a lot of people take that for granted or just don’t realize it because they’ve been living here forever but it’s really nice out here.

What makes Central Florida home?
This is where I’ve grown to be the person who I am today. Most of the stories I tell in the future are gonna be about the moments I had here.

Any people in the Central Florida art/music scene you want to shout out?
Shoutout my team, OG Records. Shoutout Diana (@Honeynmlk) I think she’s one of the dopest visual artist period. And Shoutout anybody out here tryna do their thing. Oh and shoutout Venue 578 for even giving me this opportunity.

Ever been to Venue 578 if so, do you have a favorite show or memory?
I’ve been once because our DJ Winyan Cistina had a set and it was the dopest thing ever cause that was one of his goals and he got it done. It was dope to see him up there

Song Review
Randy Santos “Come to U”  

Randy Santos is only 20 years old, but there is something nostalgic about his flow and storytelling abilities on Come to U. The flow and lyrics come together in such a unique way that you feel like you personally know Randy. This song gives the feeling of the reality to grow up as a kid that is truly about hip-hop. Yes he talks about drugs, drinking, and girls, but he does not celebrate them These are just simply things that are involved with his life just like when he mentions Pharrell Williams. The worst thing a rapper can do is fabricate a rap persona that isn't about them, and this song is the opposite of that. Come to U is a transparent view of Randy Santo’s friendships, ideology, charisma and lifestyle. The beat fits perfectly with Randy’s personality and flow of the song. He doesn't need much more then a low volume chopped and screwed beat to get his point across. The music video is the same way, it is just a representation of what Randy Santos does when he’s in Miami at 3 am in the morning. In the video, he is just hanging with his friends while rolling up and pouring drinks, but this is exactly the feeling up the song.


Favorite Lines:

“I’m in love with pussy just like Alice when she high”
This line is good because it's not like the normal Alice in Wonderland references we get in rap songs. Usually, the redundant line in rap songs references being as high as Alice, or something or that nature. Randy uses it to express the relationship between Alice and Cheshire Cat compared to Randy’s love for having intercourse with girls.

“Young jiggy nigga, made these women act right, man I swear I was a pimp in my past life”
This is a solid bar because Randy is expressing that he is so smooth that all the girls love him, and they have a certain respect for him that they would never say anything against him. He says he was a pimp in his past life because he feels like he was destined to have this respectable pimp like lifestyle.

“I'm selfless never say that I'm selfish, nowadays I’m eating wit niggas I went through hell with it” The line has great wordplay and double entendres, it also shows his personality of caring for his homies. In this line, he is stating that he is a selfless person that would be anything for his brothers. Now that he’s a little more in his rap career, he is still riding with the same people that he was struggling with in the beginning. When he says “never say that I'm selfish,” the word play sounds like Randy is saying shellfish, like the type of fish that is common eaten. The next line he says that he is eating, so these two lines that don’t seem like they go together, actually fit together perfectly.




Heat of the Week: Week 5, Vote Now!

Heat of the Week: Week 5, Vote Now!

Cheers to Week 5! This week, the Heat of the Week segment will crown its fifth winner of the contest. We would be honored to have any of the nominees this week to take the 5th spot of our Heat of the Week roster. Lets take a look back, our first-week winner was LouGod and Lil Punk!, second week was Drex Carter, third week was Lu Cruise, and fourth was Amiir Hasan. The artists just mentioned plus the winner of week 5 will be performing in a Heat of the Week showcase hosted at Venue 578. The artists will be performing for a chance at opening up for our bigger hip-hop shows. Take a look at Venue 578’s upcoming shows and see who you could possibly be opening for! Remember, if you are interested in submitting next week, visit the Heat of the Week tab on the website. These songs were hand selected by Venue 578, we ensure that every song is worth listening to. Support Orlando’s hip-hop scene and give every song on here a listen, then vote for your favorite one! Genuine and motivating comments of support is encouraged. Best of luck to Randy Santos, LB199X, J. Lamont, Lvyson, and SerinoFL.

Randy Santos “Come to U”

LB199X “Coded”

J. Lamont Ft Rokeaux “Drip”

Lvyson “Last Breath”

SerinoFL “Yop Style” 


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Heat of the Week: Amiir Hasan “Me Over Me”

Heat of the Week: Amiir Hasan “Me Over Me”

Bio Amiir Hasan is a 19 year old rap artist and entrepreneur from Baltimore MD. The name was actually given to him at birth and it means prince (Amiir) handsome (Hasan). He's been making music professionally for the past 7 years starting with remixes to very popular songs to crafting out his own original sound which is showcased on last year’s “Tell Me About Myself” released on his independent record label “IDEA Records”. In his early high school years he began building a studio in his room to record himself and his friends. Eventually he saved up enough money to record an entire project at the professional studios in town. As far as being an artist that didn't spark in his head until around 11-12 years old. Before then whenever asked what he wants to be he would answer “someone who makes money” so he spent a lot of time selling cds, candy, mowing lawns and shoveling snow before he was old enough to get a job.

Heat of the Week: Week 4, Vote Now!

Heat of the Week: Week 4, Vote Now!

Week four is upon us! It’s crazy to think that this segment has only been going for three weeks now. Let’s keep hustling and growing the Orlando Hip-Hop scene together. Nothing is better than some friendly competition to get more publicity as an artist, and who knows you might end up winning it! Venue 578 feels honored to hear all the quality songs that have been sent in the past several weeks. On Wednesday, We had our first radio feature on 102Jamz’s plugged n radio, hosted by Val. Lougod and Lil Punk’s “Love Me Not” aired on the radio show, it’s a great station for underground and independent exposure in Orlando. This week we have some quality music coming out of the O. In this week's selection, we have some modern day conscious rap, experimental rap, and your important bangers!

We strongly encourage to give every song a listen, who knows maybe you will find your next favorite artist to support. Don’t forget to vote in the poll below! Voters are allowed to vote once a day. Voting ends at 8pm on Sunday, Let's get it!

Amiir Hasan “Me over Me”

badscoop “Space Travel”

Bank4Real- “Slums”

P-Butta “If It Was Easy”

Charliee Royal “Rubber Bands”

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Heat Of The Week - HMU by Lu Cruise

Heat Of The Week - HMU by Lu Cruise

Lu Cruise is a rapper, singer, songwriter, actress. The name derived from my first name Lukeeshaa and Cruise describes my smooth flow. She is 25 years old. She started off singing in the Greater Refuge Memorial Church choir as a little girl and began freestyle rapping in high school among friends. Cruise recorded her first song in 2010. Her interests include traveling, spending time with family and friends, mentoring the young people at church, helping others, photography, videography, graphic design, and website development. She has always wanted to be a star. In 2010, when she recorded her first song Tea Time and first mixtape Cruise Control, that’s when she knew she wanted to pursue music. Lu did a showcase, and the way she felt on stage and the way she was able to express herself through her lyrics, at that point she knew she was an artist and that she could go somewhere with my music. Lu Cruise’s greatest accomplishment in life was being awarded the Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ International Jr. Missionary of the Year Award. She’s had a lot of ups and downs with her music career, but her greatest accomplishments are the comments and messages from people who support my music. Whether it’s a tweet with a quote of her lyrics or a comment encouraging her to keep grinding. That’s what has kept her going through the years; her supporters are her greatest accomplishments.

Interview Ideal path to a successful career?
Keep God first, have big faith and never give up.

Any other talents?
I’m a talented actress and writer. I’ve written, directed, and starred in several plays and skits. I’m a computer genius. I’m very technology savvy.

Where are you from?
 I’m from the West Side of Daytona Beach, Florida.

Who are your inspirations in life/music?
My family inspires me in everything, my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, my big brother, and niece. They are all very blessed people and they inspire me to be great. In music, I’ve recently been inspired by Chance The Rapper, but other musical inspirations would include Missy Elliott, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, and Tye Tribbett.


Are you currently working on anything?
I’m currently working on a project entitled Jr. Missionary. Which will be a collection of songs that tell a little more about me, my life, and things that I’ve been through.

Anything you love about Orlando?
I love I- Drive and the venues down the strip. What do you do when you visit Orlando? Orlando is like my second home. I grew up in downtown Orlando a.k.a. Cross town. I’ve had several performances in Orlando, my 1st showcase was in Orlando.

Heat Of The Week - Week 3

Heat Of The Week - Week 3

Back at it again for the Heat of the Week! The artists we have for week 3 are the most diverse we've had yet. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of all the music we have been sent in. It was difficult to narrow the list down to five this week. Week 3 brings great artists such as TrukDT representing Palm Coast, Lu Cruise representing Daytona, Lo DiCaprio representing Campfire Records ( affiliate of week one’s winner Lil Punk!), Omar, Theory, and Spirit Sam representing Pleasant Pointe, and Shinobi Stalin representing the heart of Orlando. Listen to all the songs and vote on which one is your favorite. You can vote once a day and voting is open until 8 pm on Sunday. The winner will be claimed Heat of the Week!

Lo DiCaprio “Froze”

Pleasant Pointe Ft Spirit Sam, Omar, and Theory “Celica”

Shinobi Stalin ft Marz Mello and DJ Stranger

Lu Cruise “HMU”

TruckDT “Florida Boy”

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Heat of the Week: Drex Carter “Welcome to the Jungle”

Heat of the Week: Drex Carter “Welcome to the Jungle”

Drex Carter is a rapper from Orlando that is apart of the47. He started making music at a young age when he first rapped over Eminem’s ‘criminal’ instrumental when he was only 10 years old. That first freestyle was his self-proclaimed worst rap he’s done, but from there he was hooked and knew he had a love of making rap music. Through time, he started creating his own sound beyond spitting bars over famous beats. We asked what his sound was today and he said, “Imagine if Greenday and Kanye West had a collab album, my sound is the opposite of that”. His inspirations in life and music are Eminem, Kanye West, Travis Scott, and Jon Bellion. Eminem was the one who made him fall in love with lyrics, but Kanye West and Travis Scott were the reason he fell in love with music. Drex Carter believes Jon Bellion is the best artist out and his biggest inspiration currently. Bellion just does it all and he thinks that’s where the industry is heading as a whole. With the whole internet wave pushing everyone into being more independent, he thinks at this point an artist needs to be multifaceted with what they can bring to the table. He called it the Russ effect. People really out here producing, engineering, rapping, singing, mixing, and mastering shit all by themselves.


Any other talents?
- Can hold my breath for 7 mins

Favorite song you’ve made?
- Bohemian Rhapsody

What are you working on now?
- I just put out a project a few days ago and I’m sitting on so much music. I’m just focused on getting out now and performing for everyone I can and start to grow a real diehard fanbase. All I need is the platform at this point, I make music strictly so I can perform and inspire. We have some shows coming up and you’re not gonna wanna miss them. 

What do you love about Orlando?
-People have been saying Orlando is next up and about to blow for years. The crazy part is that it actually is now. There’s too many of us now who give a fuck about the music and building something for people from our city to look up to. No disrespect to anyone but we really didn’t have that growing up here. There’s a bunch of us who genuinely want that for the city and can bring that.

What makes Orlando home?
-Music easily Anybody in the art/music scene you want to shoutout? Shouts out Otown Marco and Kaiydo, they the hottest in the city as of now but I’m coming for that spot. Shout out BAD ONE aka Protoolsshawty aka lil mufasa for being the best producer in the game period, point blank, no questions. Shout out Devin More, Pat Woods, Iampvyne, Rowland Evans and Mike Wilson, Maddie Barker and Zach Burns for being on the project. And shouts out 102 and the47. Free X

Winning Song Review

“Welcome to the Jungle” has a little bit of everything that a listener wants in a song. Drex Carter’s formula for making music really came together in this song. The song has a combination of an electronic/hiphop beat, ear gauging hook, and lyrics with a meaning. The production is lively and dedicated. The lyrics are fun, brings energy, and makes you think about the world. Drex Carter’s energy proves that he is ready to make his mark on the rap industry. By the end, it makes you want to be apart of Drex Carter’s posse and follow the rest of his career. Favorite Part- “I chose the fast route, fuck society. If you're not really about this cash then just lie to me. I had to open my third just so I could see. Just on this Odyssey of life come take a ride with me”.



Vote for the Heat of the Week!

Vote for the Heat of the Week!

Week one of our local hip-hop competition was a success! Venue 578 has now partnered with WHJM 102 Jamz to have the winning song play on their Plugged N Radio segment on Wednesdays between 6 and 7 pm. Here are the 5 songs that we narrowed down to. Give them all a listen and vote on which one you think is best! If you are interested in submitting a song for next week, here is the link for more information,

Souza “No”

Drex Carter “Welcome to the Jungle”

Dk Cito Ft Dj Tito “JUGO”

IAMPVYNE “Two Tears”

Dylan Suggs “The Point”

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Artists of the Week: LouGod and Lil PUNK!

Artists of the Week: LouGod and Lil PUNK!

Artists Bio

Campfire Ent. is a group composed of rappers, directors, producers, singers and models. This group was founded my Tavares Bailey (aka Lil PUNK!) and Christian Peralta (aka Chris Campfire).

LouGod is the rap/producing/engineering extraordinaire of Campfire Ent. The majority of beats rapped by Campfire Ent. are produced by LouGod. He was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina & raised in Maryland before moving to Orlando. LouGod’s influences consist of Jay Z, Gucci Mane, and Chance the Rapper.

Lil PUNK! is the rap/modeling/designing extraordinaire of Campfire Ent. He is also one of the founding members of Campfire Ent. Lil PUNK! was born in Nottingham, England & raised in Broward County. He’s lived in Orlando for the past 10 years. Lil PUNK’s influences consist of Missy Elliott, Kurt Cobain and Wiz Khalifa.

LouGod and Lil PUNK! met through mutual music friends and worked on their first project together with their good friend Rokk, titled “PUNK ROC GODS.” From there working on music and other ideas together was second nature to them. Their chemistry clicked instantly and it shows in their music and on stage.

What would you say your sound is?: “Shoot, we can't even call it! (Laughs). Sometimes it could be grunge trap, other times it could be neo soul, at times it could even be R&B. It all depends on the mood in the studio”.

Favorite thing about Orlando?: “The diversity, beautiful women and opportunity to grow as a person and artist. Also, It’s simply the fact that I’ve been here for almost 10 years now. For LouGod it is the connections he's made here and the progress he's made at Full Sail because he came to Orlando to accomplish his goals”.

Anyone in the Orlando art/music scene you want to shout out?: “Shout out WestSide Lucas. He's one of the hottest cats coming out of Orlando. Shout out OK!Charlie. Shout out Tablez. Shout out Hazy. Shout out Free Dolo and WuTran. Shout

out our family Lo, Avi, RayRich, Bad.Scoop, Tax Season, Henny Black, Gloom Garcia, Rokk, Era Daze, and of course the man who made all this possible, Chris Campfire!!”


Winning Song Review

Lougod Ft. Lil Punk! “Love Me Not”

“Love Me Not” is a new age hit. If you have listened to anything out of the Campfire Ent. discography you won’t hear a song like this one. At the same time, this song carries all the aspects of LouGod and Lil Punk!’s music that excel. The beat was produced by LouGod himself, it’s light and simple, but compliments both the artists’ vocals perfectly. From the start, LouGod’s hook is more than just catchy. The hook is relatable and brings out real emotion. Everyone knows that moment when a significant other tells you they might be moving on. You can really hear the chemistry of the two rappers when Lil Punk!’s soft whispering vocals hit behind LouGod’s deeper voice. It is a remarkable combination. Lougod’s verse explains all the things that drove the girl away, while Lil Punk’s verse pleas to the girl that the love is too strong to just up and leave. One of the biggest moments of the song is Lil Punk!’s screechy voice when he sings “Hey!” in the middle of his verse. This quick moment helps switch up the flow up the song. His emotions truly come out when he does that, and it's something that occurs in his songs frequently. It’s this unique attribute that makes him stand out from the rest.

Favorite Line by LouGod: “I’m a man, baby. Take your chance with me. We can go to France, teach me how to dance”.

Favorite Line by Lil Punk! “Look inside my eyes baby, I don’t tell no lies baby. I just want to hold you once again, you’re my best friend”. Listen here,

Happy Suicide

Club 13 - HotBox
Lil PUNK! - Wade
PUNK! ROC GODS - Money Fiend

Links: SoundCloud, Website, YouTube

Vote on the Best Local Hip-Hop Song of the Week!

Vote on the Best Local Hip-Hop Song of the Week!

Venue 578 is excited to begin this weekly segment of supporting local hip-hop talent. Every week, we invite local rappers to submit their music to us via email. We had many artists send in their songs, and we were thrilled to get to hear what our city is producing finally. We listened to everything we were sent, and we narrowed it down to our five favorite songs of the week. The artists’ names and a link to their songs are displayed below. Please listen to all the songs and vote on which song you think is the best. Spread the word to everyone you know in the area that makes hip-hop. I think they'd appreciate the competition and promotion. If you're interested in submitting a song next week, please visit,

Top Songs of the Week

Westside Lucas “The Bottom”

Aundrae Black “MembersOnly(Worldwide)”

KJay Jones “Smooth Operator”

Lou God ft. Lil PUNK! “Love Me Not”

nAvvvi “Track 666”

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Lasercon: All Good Things Come in 3’s!

Lasercon: All Good Things Come in 3’s!

Three reasons why we are excited about this week’s Create, The DJs!

Lasercon has three talented Dj’s playing in one night. There is an eclectic range of quality skills that will be present on Thursday evening. LNY TNZ is changing the game with his hardstyle bangers. Tuneboy is an Italian legend that can create an entirely different show every time he performs with his lengthy catalog. Lastly, if hardstyle is not your thing, Gammer’s set will have the audience feeling the joy in the air with his happy hardcore set. I hope you can free up your schedule because Thursday you're getting three great DJs at the price of one. Here’s a little information on them to get you excited, if you aren't already.



1. Burn it Down!

LNY TNZ’s new single “Burn It Down” is everything we want out of the hardstyle genre. The single is an electronic pop record with the same little hints of LNY TNZ that makes their songs such bangers. This song has a beautifully put together hook with vocals that match it perfectly. Watch the music video for it here

2. Fvck Genres EP

Their latest EP was everything that we love about the duo. There were four new songs on the EP with collaborations with Sam King, Dave Revan, and Kalibwoy. It was a collection of possible festival bangers. “Hit Em Hard” was the stand out track of them all. You can check out the EP on Soundcloud, Spotify, etc.


Everyone still loves this talent packed collaboration of LNY TNZ, Diplo, Yellow Claw, and Waka Flocka Flame. With over 15 million views on Youtube, this song flew around festival grounds for years to come. Waka Flocka’s energy synchronizes heavenly with the mixing of this great collective of DJs. I think it's a fact that on Thursday Waka would

love to say, “The club is packed front to back, man, I’m loving that.” Revisit the track here,



1.He’s a Legendary DJ from Italy.

If you haven't seen Tuneboy live, then you do not want to miss out on Thursday night. Tuneboy has been killing it since the 90’s. He helped create the hardstyle genre that we love today, and it can be argued that he does it better than anyone else. He gave his first live performance at the legendary Cocoricò club in Italy. Anyone who has consistently been DJing for almost three decades needs to be respected and is a must see. Tuneboy will always elevate the pure sound of Italian Hardstyle.

2. Just watch his Qlimax 2016 set!

Tuneboy’s set at Qlimax 2016 was incredible. From start to finish I could not stop watching this video. He starts off with “Hear This,” which starts off with the the incredible drop of “Don’t believe everything you've heard so far,” then it's time to straight rage for his hour and 15-minute set. This set goes through his legendary discography and will still have you leaving wanting more. If Thursday night’s vibe is anything like this, it will be amazing. If you do not click on anything else on this blog, click this!

3. Freshly coming from EDC Mexico

Tuneboy just finished playing at EDC Mexico last weekend. This will be his first show after EDC, so his adrenaline from that will hopefully transpire onto Venue 578. Dj’s usually turn it up during festival season, so we will be waiting all night patiently to see if Tuneboy has any surprises up his sleeve.



1. New Single “Feel Like This”

This track is nothing like we've heard from Gammer before, it takes happy to a whole other level. The song lifts you up with its airiness and makes you never want to come down. Gammer and Darren Styles have a chemistry that shows on their tracks together. I’m excited to hear more from these two. The link to the single can be found here

2. He’s one of the top hardcore DJs

Gammer bleeds happy hardcore! he has taken the hardcore genre by storm and owned it. He has the accolades to show for it. In 2004, he won Best Breakthrough DJ, and he didn't stop there. He has won best Hardcore DJ six years in a row at the Hardcore Heaven Awards. He also has won Best Producer and Best Track of the year. It's safe to say that he knows what he’s doing.

3. Has the Monstercat stamp!

Monstercat is an independent music label for electronic dance music. They have helped launch some incredible artists’ careers. Some notable Dj’s that have been signed to the label are Slushii, Jauz, Snails, and Marshmello. They are notable for help push the underground scene onto a mainstream platform. Gammer will continue to flourish with the backing of Monstercat.


Written By: Matthew Munoz

Scouting Orlando's Top Hip Hop Artists!

Scouting Orlando's Top Hip Hop Artists!

Are you a local hip-hop artist? Get your name buzzing and your music heard!

Venue 578 wants to support the local scene of Central Florida. We are ready to listen to the talent our area is putting together. It would be an honor to say we helped jump start a new local hero. The venue is starting a new segment through our blog on the Venue 578 website. This is a weekly competition, sort of like a virtual battle of the bands. We are looking for all types of sounds coming out of the Hip-Hop genre. We want everything from traditional bars to experimental singing. It's simple, send in one song to at 9 am on Mondays with your artist name and one link to a page you want to share, that being Soundcloud, artist website, Youtube page, Band Camp etc. Please do not send music to any other Venue 578 email. The subject line of the email should be “Music Monday” with the date. For this week only, We will allow artists to send in songs at any time before Tuesday, March 2nd.

Normally, we will only listen to the first 50 songs emailed to us. A song will not be listened to if the email is sent before 9 am on Monday. If an artist’s song does not win, they can either submit the same song or submit a new song a different week. We will email the winning artists and ask for a short five sentence bio. If the song has multiple artists on it, the main artist will be the only one with a bio and a link.

There will be five top songs picked from our staff by Wednesday of every week. On Wednesdays, a poll will be created to see who had the best song of the week. People will vote on the best songs for the next two days. On Fridays, the winner of the poll will be announced. The winner of the week will get a blog written about them. In this blog, The artist will have a full bio, a review of the winning song, and a link to their music. Additionally, their song will be added to our SoundCloud. Lastly, there will be random opportunities to receive giveaways and more to use at the venue. An artist cannot win two weeks in a row but does have the opportunity to win multiple times. Spread the word to all your friends making music. We want to listen to as much talent as we can. Let’s keep this fun if we don’t pick your song, stay motivated and keep making music. Venue 578 is excited to hear what the Orlando scene has to offer!

Again, submissions will be sent to

Best of luck,

Venue 578 Staff

Venue 578 Innovations: New Video Walls Installed!

Venue 578 prides ourself on creating the best music experience. We are continually improving the complex with technology that will lead to our fans having the greatest show possible. Two brand new video walls are now installed on the main stage. The first wall is located in front of the DJ booth, which will provide cutting-edge visuals that will increase the fan’s experience. The second video wall is larger and will allow the artist to display visual content that brings the performance full-circle. This innovation in our production will enhance the concert experience for both our fans and the artist. The walls will get their first piece of action tonight with the Bixel Boys on the Create Stage. Venue 578 is ready to show these bad boys off, so come to the show tonight and check them out!

But wait there’s more!

The venue is not stopping there. We have plans to expand the wall on the main stage to almost double the size and add a visual banner that perimeters the dance floor in the next coming weeks. Keep a look out for all the changes, and we hope that our fans are just as excited as us to see the new additions come to life.

Let’s Get to Partying,

Venue 578 Staff

7 Hip-Hop Artist that You Might Not Have Known Performed at Venue 578

7 Hip-Hop Artist that You Might Not Have Known Performed at Venue 578

We don’t like to brag, but we would like to think we have a pretty good ear for talent. It is important for us to bring talented artists to Orlando during their come up. We respect and follow artists’ careers that we book for the long haul. We love to get that gut-feeling when an artist is performing at Venue 578, and their energy is so high that we know they are about to be a star if they aren't already. Here is a list of artist that have performed at Venue 578, and a description of their accolades to date. We hope this list of past stage crushers will get our fans excited about the acts we are booking in the future.


Chance the Rapper

Who doesn't love this guy!? He is getting co-signs from presidents of the United States and legends in the rap game. I had the pleasure of watching him at Venue 578, and it was one of m y favorite concerts I’ve ever been to. When he came to the venue, it was for his family tour before he dropped his third critically acclaimed mixtape, Coloring Book. Throughout the night, he went through his whole catalog from 10day, Acid Rap, and Surf. Better yet, D.R.A.M opened for him! This was back when D.R.A.M was still running tours off his hit song “Cha-Cha” before our favorite 2016 hits “Cash Machine” and “Broccoli.”  

Today, Chance the Rapper is arguably top five hottest rappers right now. He is performing at and nominated for seven awards. He was the reason the Grammys allowed free music to be accepted for awards at the Grammys. Coloring Book is the first streaming-only album to reach the top 10 on the Billboards. Lastly, He did all of this while not being signed to anyone! Chance the Rapper is completely independent. Needless to say, we would love to have him back.



 Young Thug

Hate him or love him, Young Thug has taken over the trap world. The majority of rappers are trying to bite his sound and are failing. Thugger has that extra amount of character that not many other rappers possess. So what has this dress wearing rap star been doing recently? Young Thug released a critically acclaimed album called Jeffrey, which is his real name. The album cover went viral immediately because it's a picture of him wearing a dress. All of the songs are named after someone famous such as Floyd Mayweather, Kanye West, and even Harambe. Everything he does seems to go viral. If you haven’t seen it, his video for “Wyclef Jean” has 14 million views, and he’s not even in it. I don’t want to spoil too much of it, but check it out. 

The link is here,


Migos are the hottest in the game! They have taken over the radio. We had Migos at Venue 578 two weeks before Donald Glover slapped his seal of approval on Migos at the Golden Globes. After Donald Glover had said that Migos were the modern day Beatles, their song Bad and Boujee had a 243% increase in online streams. Bad and Boujee is honestly the best club song out right now. Venue 578 is honored to have it performed live on our stage. How do you not turn up when you hear the infamous “Rain drop, Drop top.”  

Migos just released their critically acclaimed and number-one album on the charts called Culture. This album has hits like, “Bad and Boujee," “T-shirt,” “Kelly Price” featuring Travis Scott, and “Slippery” featuring Gucci Mane. Coming off their album, they are also teaching a class about culture at NYU for a day. To top it all off, they were even on Donald Glover’s Golden Globes winning show Atlanta. 


Gucci Mane

Where do we even start with Gucci Mane? We won’t say that we had Gucci Mane before all the fame because he was already a Hip-Hop legend when he came to the venue, but if it's possible, he blew up more, post-Venue 578. 

First, he was featured on one of thebiggest radio hits today with Rae Sremmurd called, “Black Beatles.” This song went viral when the Mannequin Challenged was involved, even Paul McCartney himself made a video. Gucci also released his winter album, The Return of East Atlanta Santa. This album features the bangers “St. Brick Intro”, “Both” Featuring Drake, and “Last Time” featuring Travis Scott. Gucci Mane said he loved this album because it was his first album that he wrote post-jail. He also proposed to his fiancé at an Atlanta Hawks game. The new and improved Guwop has stayed busy since getting out of jail.

Watch the video to his single “Last Time,” a personal new favorite of Gucci.

Travis Scott

It feels like we have been on the Travis Scott hype for years now. Our first encounter with Travis Scott when his first video for “Love Sick” appeared on Youtube. After that, he was immediately signed to Grand Hustle as an artist and G.O.O.D Music for production. We still paid attention to him when he gained more attention through his mixtape Owl Pharaoh and Days Before the Rodeo. When he came to Venue 578, he was touring his critically acclaimed debut album, Rodeo. He tours the house down with this electric energy.

Today, Travis Scott has released his album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. This album had some good hits like, “Pick up the Phone” featuring Young Thug, “Through the Late Night” featuring Kid Cudi, and “Goosebumps” featuring Kendrick Lamar. It seems like every week now we hear a new story about something crazy happening at a Travis Scott concert. At Lollapalooza, He encouraged a fan to jump the barricades, and the fan was arrested. He is always stage diving and passing the mic to his fans in the crowd to rap the lyrics. One time he kicked a security guard out of the show because he took the mic away from a fan. Most recent, at the Drake tour in London he fell into a giant black hole in the middle of the stage. Apparently, he broke the main piece of Drake’s visual production, and Drake refunded everyone that went to the show. Travis Scott’s Shows are always lit!

Watch him make a fan’s life in this video.

Earl Sweatshirt 

When Earl Sweatshirt came to Venue 578, he was still fresh back in the states touring his debut album. Since then, he is still one of the smartest lyricists in rap that is underrated. He has released his second album called; I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. Although this is a short album, it is complete and gives the bars that we all love from Earl. Since he came to the venue, his group Odd Future have not done a lot of things together publicly. There are rumors that there was a falling out between people in the group. After a year of not seeing Earl and Tyler the Creator together, The two finally joined the stage together during a surprise performance at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival under the name EarlWolf. He was also featured on the best posse cut track of 2016, “Really Doe” by Danny Brown featuring Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar, and Earl Sweatshirt. Now in 2017, fans are waiting for his third album release. Who knows maybe the album will have a Tyler verse on it. We can only hope. 

Here is the link to Really Doe, it is a must hear. People can argue all they want, but Earl had the best verse.

 Big Sean


It has been awhile since Big Sean has been on the Venue 578, but we have always followed his career as well. I remember when he was releasing his Finally Famous mixtapes, working with artist like Mike Posner and Chiddy Bang, and his biggest song was “Bullshittin”. Big Sean has put out four solo albums, dated many celebrities, put out some of the biggest hits from year to year, but it seems like he still doesn't get his credit in the game. He is a veteran in the game at this point. Recently, he signed to Roc Naition and he finally earned his Jesus Piece from Jay-Z. His latest release, I Decided, is getting the reception as his best album. It has some great songs like “Moves”, “Bounce Back”, and “No Favors” featuring Eminem. It seemed like he owned his promotion tour for the album. He had performances on Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon, and BBC radio. One thing we love about Big Sean is that he always stays humble and appreciative.

My favorite recent video of Big Sean is him doing a cover of Kanye West’s “I Wonder”. Check it out here,




By: Matthew Munoz

Crankdat is Set to Take Over the Game in 2017

Crankdat is Set to Take Over the Game in 2017

If you haven't joined the following of Crankdat yet, now is the time to more than ever be-cause he is ready to blow up. Crankdat is just a regular kid from Ohio, who so hap-pened to be a very talented DJ. He started producing when he was in high school. After his first production, he realized that he loved doing it and that other people liked it. From that point on, being a DJ was his new passion. His first gig was a cancer charity event for his friend, but he did not expect the turnout to be at the level it was, which was 400 people.

Crankdat went to Kent State to be an exploratory major. He also had a scholarship for track and field. He is a man of many talents, but his music production showed the most promise. He blew up after releasing his remix to “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap. The remix has over 40 million views on Soundcloud and 60 million views on Youtube. In 2015, he had one show, which was opening up for Waka Flocka Flame. One year later, he is touring non-stop. He did all of this while still being a full-time student at Kent State!. For 2017, he has an exciting announcement he released on Twitter.
More on Crankdat’s come up visit:


A few hours ago, he posted a screenshot of a note on his iPhone that explained every-thing everyone has been wondering about him.The screenshot and link are below.

One thing that is so great about Crankdat is that he often communicates with his fans. The announcement gets us extremely excited about his future and the year that he will have. Venue 578 knows Crankdat is a unique talent that we get to see before he blows up. He also is performing at a music festival called, The Number Fest. This festival in-cludes artists, Young Thug, Jauz, 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, Blackbear, Herobust, and Waka Flocka Flame. We are anticipating his new release, but for now, here are some tracks to get to know him better.

Written by: Matthew Munoz