We don’t like to brag, but we would like to think we have a pretty good ear for talent. It is important for us to bring talented artists to Orlando during their come up. We respect and follow artists’ careers that we book for the long haul. We love to get that gut-feeling when an artist is performing at Venue 578, and their energy is so high that we know they are about to be a star if they aren't already. Here is a list of artist that have performed at Venue 578, and a description of their accolades to date. We hope this list of past stage crushers will get our fans excited about the acts we are booking in the future.


Chance the Rapper

Who doesn't love this guy!? He is getting co-signs from presidents of the United States and legends in the rap game. I had the pleasure of watching him at Venue 578, and it was one of m y favorite concerts I’ve ever been to. When he came to the venue, it was for his family tour before he dropped his third critically acclaimed mixtape, Coloring Book. Throughout the night, he went through his whole catalog from 10day, Acid Rap, and Surf. Better yet, D.R.A.M opened for him! This was back when D.R.A.M was still running tours off his hit song “Cha-Cha” before our favorite 2016 hits “Cash Machine” and “Broccoli.”  

Today, Chance the Rapper is arguably top five hottest rappers right now. He is performing at and nominated for seven awards. He was the reason the Grammys allowed free music to be accepted for awards at the Grammys. Coloring Book is the first streaming-only album to reach the top 10 on the Billboards. Lastly, He did all of this while not being signed to anyone! Chance the Rapper is completely independent. Needless to say, we would love to have him back.



 Young Thug

Hate him or love him, Young Thug has taken over the trap world. The majority of rappers are trying to bite his sound and are failing. Thugger has that extra amount of character that not many other rappers possess. So what has this dress wearing rap star been doing recently? Young Thug released a critically acclaimed album called Jeffrey, which is his real name. The album cover went viral immediately because it's a picture of him wearing a dress. All of the songs are named after someone famous such as Floyd Mayweather, Kanye West, and even Harambe. Everything he does seems to go viral. If you haven’t seen it, his video for “Wyclef Jean” has 14 million views, and he’s not even in it. I don’t want to spoil too much of it, but check it out. 

The link is here, https://youtu.be/_9L3j-lVLwk


Migos are the hottest in the game! They have taken over the radio. We had Migos at Venue 578 two weeks before Donald Glover slapped his seal of approval on Migos at the Golden Globes. After Donald Glover had said that Migos were the modern day Beatles, their song Bad and Boujee had a 243% increase in online streams. Bad and Boujee is honestly the best club song out right now. Venue 578 is honored to have it performed live on our stage. How do you not turn up when you hear the infamous “Rain drop, Drop top.”  

Migos just released their critically acclaimed and number-one album on the charts called Culture. This album has hits like, “Bad and Boujee," “T-shirt,” “Kelly Price” featuring Travis Scott, and “Slippery” featuring Gucci Mane. Coming off their album, they are also teaching a class about culture at NYU for a day. To top it all off, they were even on Donald Glover’s Golden Globes winning show Atlanta. 


Gucci Mane

Where do we even start with Gucci Mane? We won’t say that we had Gucci Mane before all the fame because he was already a Hip-Hop legend when he came to the venue, but if it's possible, he blew up more, post-Venue 578. 

First, he was featured on one of thebiggest radio hits today with Rae Sremmurd called, “Black Beatles.” This song went viral when the Mannequin Challenged was involved, even Paul McCartney himself made a video. Gucci also released his winter album, The Return of East Atlanta Santa. This album features the bangers “St. Brick Intro”, “Both” Featuring Drake, and “Last Time” featuring Travis Scott. Gucci Mane said he loved this album because it was his first album that he wrote post-jail. He also proposed to his fiancé at an Atlanta Hawks game. The new and improved Guwop has stayed busy since getting out of jail.

Watch the video to his single “Last Time,” a personal new favorite of Gucci. 


Travis Scott

It feels like we have been on the Travis Scott hype for years now. Our first encounter with Travis Scott when his first video for “Love Sick” appeared on Youtube. After that, he was immediately signed to Grand Hustle as an artist and G.O.O.D Music for production. We still paid attention to him when he gained more attention through his mixtape Owl Pharaoh and Days Before the Rodeo. When he came to Venue 578, he was touring his critically acclaimed debut album, Rodeo. He tours the house down with this electric energy.

Today, Travis Scott has released his album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. This album had some good hits like, “Pick up the Phone” featuring Young Thug, “Through the Late Night” featuring Kid Cudi, and “Goosebumps” featuring Kendrick Lamar. It seems like every week now we hear a new story about something crazy happening at a Travis Scott concert. At Lollapalooza, He encouraged a fan to jump the barricades, and the fan was arrested. He is always stage diving and passing the mic to his fans in the crowd to rap the lyrics. One time he kicked a security guard out of the show because he took the mic away from a fan. Most recent, at the Drake tour in London he fell into a giant black hole in the middle of the stage. Apparently, he broke the main piece of Drake’s visual production, and Drake refunded everyone that went to the show. Travis Scott’s Shows are always lit!

Watch him make a fan’s life in this video.


Earl Sweatshirt 

When Earl Sweatshirt came to Venue 578, he was still fresh back in the states touring his debut album. Since then, he is still one of the smartest lyricists in rap that is underrated. He has released his second album called; I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. Although this is a short album, it is complete and gives the bars that we all love from Earl. Since he came to the venue, his group Odd Future have not done a lot of things together publicly. There are rumors that there was a falling out between people in the group. After a year of not seeing Earl and Tyler the Creator together, The two finally joined the stage together during a surprise performance at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival under the name EarlWolf. He was also featured on the best posse cut track of 2016, “Really Doe” by Danny Brown featuring Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar, and Earl Sweatshirt. Now in 2017, fans are waiting for his third album release. Who knows maybe the album will have a Tyler verse on it. We can only hope. 

Here is the link to Really Doe, it is a must hear. People can argue all they want, but Earl had the best verse. https://youtu.be/spfsdpuvUyQ

 Big Sean


It has been awhile since Big Sean has been on the Venue 578, but we have always followed his career as well. I remember when he was releasing his Finally Famous mixtapes, working with artist like Mike Posner and Chiddy Bang, and his biggest song was “Bullshittin”. Big Sean has put out four solo albums, dated many celebrities, put out some of the biggest hits from year to year, but it seems like he still doesn't get his credit in the game. He is a veteran in the game at this point. Recently, he signed to Roc Naition and he finally earned his Jesus Piece from Jay-Z. His latest release, I Decided, is getting the reception as his best album. It has some great songs like “Moves”, “Bounce Back”, and “No Favors” featuring Eminem. It seemed like he owned his promotion tour for the album. He had performances on Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon, and BBC radio. One thing we love about Big Sean is that he always stays humble and appreciative.

My favorite recent video of Big Sean is him doing a cover of Kanye West’s “I Wonder”. Check it out here, https://youtu.be/nc435bE8ieU




By: Matthew Munoz