Saint is the complete opposite of Raphael, his government name. Saint’s the relentless side of Raphael, a little more outspoken a little more aggressive and a little more eager! Any time he’s in the studio recording, writing, mixing promoting...anything dealing with the art of music or even just being around it…..THAT’S SAINT!!.....Ask any artist that question everyone wants to be perceived as GREAT….Be that ICON artist….He’d love that but as long as his fans perceive him as that attachment to them then I’m good. He is 27 years old. He has 3 projects. His latest project NOTHING LEFT 2 PROVE (NL2P) EP is out now you can go Download it and listen to it on SoundCloud. He has been doing music on a serious level for about 4 years now, but he’s always known at a very young age that he would have a career in music jus wasn’t exactly sure on what he’d be doing. His interests of course music, huge passion for motorcycles, dirt bike, 4wheelers. He has a fetish with food. When it comes to food he is greedy. He loves to eat. Although he is small, he has a big appetite. He also love bowling, he says “that’s like my secret hobby its not something I do all the time but when I do I’m excited about it!’s fun...if you use bumpers you can’t bowl with me” 


Tell me about the process of making “swing my way” 

The process of SWING MY WAY 1st off shout out to my producer JUNE very dope and talented guy! I remember talking to June and telling him the direction I wanted to go for the next project (NOTHING LEFT 2 PROVE #NL2P) and we discussed doing an upbeat kind of party record and a few days later the beat was in my email… took me a minute to sit with the record before I actually put the lyrics down... I was on and off with it for about a month or so maybe. Not because it was a bad record...I knew I had something great on my hands I just had to feel the approach….moments later the hook sort of came I had the melody in my head while just driving around listening to it in my car then I kind of fill in the blanks the hook was 1st and that’s NOT how I always write my records it just depends but the hook came 1st then the verses just flowed easily and there you have it...SWING MY WAY!! Which will be the #1 record in the country in about a year and a half maybe 2….And believe I have more up my sleeve so by the time that record really takes off…..YEA!!! Lol you’ll know SAINT

Did you always want to be an artist? 

Yes ALWAYS...I knew I had something that people could relate appreciate it just took ME to make it happen for me!

Do you remember the first song you made?

Yea my very 1st record I ever made like full record with hooks and verses was an actual DISS RECORD LMAO LOL LOL

What makes you different?

That’s something I rather show than to tell

Greatest accomplishment in life/music?

Every accomplishment is the greatest for me..every opportunity every step was taken in the right direction. Every new follower I get every new fan every bit of positive or negative comments on the music. Everything about what I'm doing right now.

Who’s the hottest in the game right now?

Drake... DJ Khaled...Migos...Travis Scott...Kodak….Russ…..Chance The Rapper….Future etc oh and SAINT lol

Ideal path into a successful career? 

Take the bumps and bruises along the way...never give in and never give up!! Understand you’ll hear NO a thousand times before you hear YES...INVEST into your own career don’t look for anyone to invest in your or believe in you til YOU do so in yourself first!!

Any other talents?

I'm a jack of all trades lol I can pretty much do any and everything….But I definitely want to do some acting in a film in the near future.

Where are you from?

Daytona Beach FL...the West Side of the city...DERBYSHIRE and 3rd to be exact!

Who are your inspirations in life/music?

My mother, she influenced me heavily in music tho she may not know….just riding in the car with her as a kid listening to people like Marvin Gaye...Isley Brothers...AL Greene...Anita Baker….Barry White...Sade….to mention she’s one of the strongest...sweetest...kind hearted women I know

Are you currently working on anything?

Just shooting more visuals from the EP and record more records

What’s the greatest thing about Central Florida?

Daytona...Orlando...Duval...Melbourne….Tampa It’s a vibe here….I guess Duval is more north Florida but I mess Duval heavy so we claim them lol

What makes Central Florida home?

Palm trees...beautiful women...beaches...and combos lol I'm a real FLAWDA boy so we love chicken wings and fries lol (COMBO’S)

Anything you love about Orlando?

The diversity

Any people in the Central Florida art/music scene you want to shout out? 

Teddy replay...june..certified boyz…...tonygohard...makeithappenmoe….robb banks….pouya….skyy….dro…..akwardarts….skeebo...daytona jitt….hotboyteck….leegit….dre neal...and venue 578!!!!



Twitter: @saint_386