"Me Over Me" By: Amiir Hasan


Amiir Hasan is a 19-year-old rap artist and entrepreneur from Baltimore MD. The name was actually given to him at birth and it means prince (Amiir) handsome (Hasan). He's been making music professionally for the past 7 years starting with remixes to very popular songs to crafting out his own original sound which is showcased on last year’s “Tell Me About Myself” released on his independent record label “IDEA Records”. In his early high school years, he began building a studio in his room to record himself and his friends. Eventually, he saved up enough money to record an entire project at the professional studios in town. As far as being an artist that didn't spark in his head until around 11-12 years old. Before then whenever asked what he wants to be he would answer “someone who makes money” so he spent a lot of time selling CDs, candy, mowing lawns and shoveling snow before he was old enough to get a job.


Greatest Accomplishments?

My greatest accomplishment so far would absolutely be the start of IDEA Records, I hope it inspires more artist from the same community as me to know they can put themselves on and not starve. Just go out and do the research then apply it to your craft and learn as you go. Just to see how proud my mom was of me when I signed the paper making it official makes everything worth it.

Path to a successful career?

As far as a path I feel everyone is different. Don't do any comparison between you and artists that have “made it” already. The circumstances are much different, even I need to stop doing that myself. So I would say go wherever this takes you and a path will form itself and people will follow it.

Favorite song you've recorded?

My favorite song that I've made is absolutely “Need This”. It has snippets of a Steve Jobs speech in which he talks about doing what you love as a career and you'll already be successful in life. It definitely motivates me and you can hear the intensity in my voice and the frustration is clear as day on the track. It was produced by ZoBeatz who is not only the best upcoming producer in the game but one of my best friends, he's got a great catalog under his belt already go check out his work. When he made this beat he told me it was special and he couldn't have been more right so shoutout to Zo.

Other Talents?

As far as other talents I'm currently in school learning the audio engineering craft. So that includes studio work, live setup, protools and logic programs and a bunch of other stuff in that field. My secret talent is definitely cooking, though, I'm not talking warm up either I mean full blown prep and attention to detail. Quesadillas, seared salmon, steaks and all that. My other talent is filmmaking, I recently directed this documentary called “The Artist & The Athlete” about my city and the talent there so that's on YouTube and I'm working on another film so that'll come eventually.


My inspiration in life is Steve Jobs, I love how he built up several empires (Apple, NXT, Pixar) and really was an innovator with everything he touched. In music, Lil Wayne is by far my biggest inspiration just based on his work ethic, longevity, and influence. He made it sound fun to rap on mixtapes like No Ceilings and Da Drought 3 and he's pretty much the reason I even wanted to do music in the first place and he was also my first concert.

Anything you're currently working on?

I'm currently working at least 10 different things between music and film but my attention is really on this 6 song EP I got coming out this summer and it'll play as a prequel to my next full project coming early 2018. I'm extremely excited about this EP, the videos and photoshoots are already being worked on so it's coming soon.

Favorite thing about Orlando?

The greatest thing about Orlando is the diversity, the fact you have spots like Venue578 which have EDM DJs, hip-hop acts and more really make it stand out as a city, there's a venue for everyone and the music scene is thriving. What makes Orlando home? Orlando has adopted me so I have no choice but to be thankful and it has really opened up opportunities I never imagined so that's beautiful.

Anybody you want to shoutout in the Orlando music/art scene?

As far as artist in Orlando, I wanna give a shoutout to my bro Calvin, he's also my manager, all the dudes I go to school with and anyone else who been showing love.

My favorite show at Venue578?

Kyle for sure. His actual performance was incredible and I got to express that to him after the show. From the people setting up the stage all the to his DJ, everyone was on point and it was amazing to see the energy.

Anything you want to say to the people that voted for you?

To everyone who voted for me I wanna send a major THANK YOU and a promise that I won't let you down.



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