Are you a local hip-hop artist? Get your name buzzing and your music heard!

Venue 578 wants to support the local scene of Central Florida. We are ready to listen to the talent our area is putting together. It would be an honor to say we helped jump start a new local hero. The venue is starting a new segment through our blog on the Venue 578 website. This is a weekly competition, sort of like a virtual battle of the bands. We are looking for all types of sounds coming out of the Hip-Hop genre. We want everything from traditional bars to experimental singing. It's simple, send in one song to at 9 am on Mondays with your artist name and one link to a page you want to share, that being Soundcloud, artist website, Youtube page, Band Camp etc. Please do not send music to any other Venue 578 email. The subject line of the email should be “Music Monday” with the date. For this week only, We will allow artists to send in songs at any time before Tuesday, March 2nd.

Normally, we will only listen to the first 50 songs emailed to us. A song will not be listened to if the email is sent before 9 am on Monday. If an artist’s song does not win, they can either submit the same song or submit a new song a different week. We will email the winning artists and ask for a short five sentence bio. If the song has multiple artists on it, the main artist will be the only one with a bio and a link.

There will be five top songs picked from our staff by Wednesday of every week. On Wednesdays, a poll will be created to see who had the best song of the week. People will vote on the best songs for the next two days. On Fridays, the winner of the poll will be announced. The winner of the week will get a blog written about them. In this blog, The artist will have a full bio, a review of the winning song, and a link to their music. Additionally, their song will be added to our SoundCloud. Lastly, there will be random opportunities to receive giveaways and more to use at the venue. An artist cannot win two weeks in a row but does have the opportunity to win multiple times. Spread the word to all your friends making music. We want to listen to as much talent as we can. Let’s keep this fun if we don’t pick your song, stay motivated and keep making music. Venue 578 is excited to hear what the Orlando scene has to offer!

Again, submissions will be sent to

Best of luck,

Venue 578 Staff