Our Favorite DJ Mustard’s Productions:

Hot New Hit Ridin’ Around ft Nipsey Hussle (Link: http://bit.ly/NipsyXMustard)


"Who Do You Love” YG f/ Drake and Game
“Rack City” Tyga “I’m Different” 2 Chainz
“Needed Me” Rihanna
“IDFWU” Big Sean 


"Nothin' Like Me” Dom Kennedy
 ‘Know What’s Up" Tory Lanez Feat. Kirko Bangz 


Here are five interesting facts to get you fired up for the upcoming set by Mr. Dijon himself. 


We have all had the catchphrase “Mustard On Tha Beat, Hoe!” stuck in our heads before. If you were not aware of its origin, it comes from DJ Mustard, a producer that makes beats that artists woo for. When someone hears that catchphrase on a track, they instantly know it is going to be a banger. 


2. Has the Respect from the West Coast

DJ Mustard began his music producing career with rapper YG and R&B singer Ty Dolla $ign. Together they took over the hip-hop world and created the new sound of the West Coast. In 2014, he came into the game with his debut mixtape Ketchup, which gained critical acclaim. Snoop Dogg has cosigned him and has had him on his hilarious GGN news show. Below is the link to the interview, where DJ Mustard talks about Rihanna being the homegirl, living with YG, and representing Los Angeles. 

Link: http://bit.ly/MustardXSnoop

3. Co-produced Two Songs with Kanye West

DJ Mustard worked together with Kanye on two separate occasions. The first time was on “Sanctified” by Rick Ross featuring Kanye West and Big Sean. The second time was on “IDFWU” by Big Sean featuring E40. In both songs, DJ Mustard created the original beats, then Kanye used his equally talented production skills to finalize the tracks. Kanye West also mentioned DJ Mustard on the energy infused track “Facts," When he said, “I give em Grey Poupon on a DJ Mustard ah!”. As you can see, Kanye is just as big of a fan as we are. Here is DJ Mustard explaining the creation of Sanctified on Hard Knock TV.

Link: http://bit.ly/MustardXKanye

4. He Had a Fantastic Year! 

DJ Mustard put on a magnificent performance on the Anti World tour with Rhianna. His production for “Needed me” by Rihanna topped the charts all year long. In addition, he signed to Roc Nation and launched his record label called 10 Summers. To begin 2017, he just released an exclusive documentary through Tidal called For Every 12 Hours. This documentary portrays his upbringing in Los Angeles, how he gained his ear for production, and where he found his love for music. 

5. Dr. Dre Convinced DJ Mustard to Lose 100 pounds

The famous DJ never considered losing weight or working out before, but according to him, to be a boss you have to dress like a boss. To wear more designer clothes and perform better shows, he has lost 100 pounds thanks to Dr. Dre. He said he did not start seeing results or pushing himself until after Dr. Dre gave him advice on the subject.