Drex Carter is a rapper from Orlando that is apart of the47. He started making music at a young age when he first rapped over Eminem’s ‘criminal’ instrumental when he was only 10 years old. That first freestyle was his self-proclaimed worst rap he’s done, but from there he was hooked and knew he had a love of making rap music. Through time, he started creating his own sound beyond spitting bars over famous beats. We asked what his sound was today and he said, “Imagine if Greenday and Kanye West had a collab album, my sound is the opposite of that”. His inspirations in life and music are Eminem, Kanye West, Travis Scott, and Jon Bellion. Eminem was the one who made him fall in love with lyrics, but Kanye West and Travis Scott were the reason he fell in love with music. Drex Carter believes Jon Bellion is the best artist out and his biggest inspiration currently. Bellion just does it all and he thinks that’s where the industry is heading as a whole. With the whole internet wave pushing everyone into being more independent, he thinks at this point an artist needs to be multifaceted with what they can bring to the table. He called it the Russ effect. People really out here producing, engineering, rapping, singing, mixing, and mastering shit all by themselves.


Any other talents?
- Can hold my breath for 7 mins

Favorite song you’ve made?
- Bohemian Rhapsody

What are you working on now?
- I just put out a project a few days ago and I’m sitting on so much music. I’m just focused on getting out now and performing for everyone I can and start to grow a real diehard fanbase. All I need is the platform at this point, I make music strictly so I can perform and inspire. We have some shows coming up and you’re not gonna wanna miss them. 

What do you love about Orlando?
-People have been saying Orlando is next up and about to blow for years. The crazy part is that it actually is now. There’s too many of us now who give a fuck about the music and building something for people from our city to look up to. No disrespect to anyone but we really didn’t have that growing up here. There’s a bunch of us who genuinely want that for the city and can bring that.

What makes Orlando home?
-Music easily Anybody in the art/music scene you want to shoutout? Shouts out Otown Marco and Kaiydo, they the hottest in the city as of now but I’m coming for that spot. Shout out BAD ONE aka Protoolsshawty aka lil mufasa for being the best producer in the game period, point blank, no questions. Shout out Devin More, Pat Woods, Iampvyne, Rowland Evans and Mike Wilson, Maddie Barker and Zach Burns for being on the project. And shouts out 102 and the47. Free X

Winning Song Review

“Welcome to the Jungle” has a little bit of everything that a listener wants in a song. Drex Carter’s formula for making music really came together in this song. The song has a combination of an electronic/hiphop beat, ear gauging hook, and lyrics with a meaning. The production is lively and dedicated. The lyrics are fun, brings energy, and makes you think about the world. Drex Carter’s energy proves that he is ready to make his mark on the rap industry. By the end, it makes you want to be apart of Drex Carter’s posse and follow the rest of his career. Favorite Part- “I chose the fast route, fuck society. If you're not really about this cash then just lie to me. I had to open my third just so I could see. Just on this Odyssey of life come take a ride with me”.