25 years old, and was in band all through grade school. He play the clarinet primarily, and a few other instruments by ear. He is into all sorts of genres, most notably funk, salsa, bachata, and hip-hop. He has rapped since he was about 7, but didn't start taking it seriously until he was about 11. Your Cousin Alex always had an ambiguous look and energy about him, so it's always been easy for him to maneuver through all different types of scenes and crowds of people, without anyone really being able to put a finger on who he was or what he was about. Eventually he’d show up places and different people would start introducing him as their cousin (as a joke), and no matter who it was that said it, people always believed it, because he looked like he could be mixed with anything. After awhile, he kind of just ran with it, and started introducing himself to every new person he met as "Your Cousin Alex". He found that introducing himself that way made for a great ice breaker, because people either immediately understood the joke, and went along with it (and usually never forgot who I was or how we met) or they would take it literally, and dispute whether he was actually kin to them or not, which he found hilarious. Usually the people that didn't understand initially, would find the joke even more amusing after he explained it to them. Ultimately he want everyone to see him and treat him like their favorite cousin. He’s had a lot of people tell him that they felt like he was like a cousin to them, so he tries to live up to that. 


Tell me about the process of making “Fix Me a Plate”?

Fix me a plate was a very fun song for me to make. When I first heard the beat, it sounded like theme music to a bbq/ cookout, so I just tried to bring that visual to life though the lyrics. I wanted everybody to smell the grill through my bars.

The whole album is titled “Fix Me a Plate” and the song has the title, why is the album named this?

Initially, "fix me a plate" was just supposed to be a single, but Thanksgiving was right around the corner, so I figured I would capitalize off of the holiday, and make an entire project loosely themed around. The single served as the backbone for the entire project and set the pace for the rest of it, so I felt like it was only right to name the entire project after the single.

Did you always want to be an artist?

I've always had a passion for music, and I knew that I'd end up pursuing it in some way. Aside from a becoming a rapper/musician, the only other dream I had was to become a commercial pilot, but I have horrible vision, and you need good eyesight to go into that file, so, unfortunately, I was not able to pursue that. 

Do you remember the first song you made?

The first song I ever made was when I was about 12. I recorded on a karaoke tape deck and my friend Tony's house. It was a freestyle over "Ether". He lost the tape, which had about a 2 dozen other freestyles on it, and we never made any other copies, so that was that. 

What makes you different?

I feel what makes me different is my diverse frame of reference and attention to detail. I'm extremely picky about what I choose to rhyme over because ultimately anything that I put together has to create a perfect picture of my head space at the time. I go out of my way to bring listeners into my world with every song and tell a story. My favorite thing to do is go into great detail in every line about whatever it is I'm talking about because I feel like details are what make any story/ narrative great. I also consider myself extremely well rounded as an Emcee. There isn't a style of rap or another Emcee that anybody can name that I wouldn't feel comfortable going toe to toe with on a track. I feel at home on anything I get on. 

Greatest accomplishments in life/ music?

I honestly don't know what my greatest achievement in life has been, but I do know that I feel most accomplished whenever I'm inspiring anybody, or helping people around me feel confident in anything positive that they are trying to pursue. Musically, I think my biggest achievement has been pushing myself to become an extraordinary lyricist/storyteller, and mastering versatility in my style. 

5 Artists you'd like to work with

5 artists I'd like to work with are Toro Y Moi, Pac Div, Dom Kennedy, Willie The Kid, and Earl Sweatshirt. 

2 Artists from the Central Florida area you'd like to work with? 

2 artists from central Florida I haven't worked with yet That I would like to work with are Chester Watson, and O-town Marco. 

Favorite Album?

My favorite album would definitely have to be between "It Was Written" by Nas, and "Diplomatic Immunity" by the Diplomats. I know both of those albums better than the back of my hand. Line for line, all the way down to the adlibs (Jim Jones is the Adlib goat, sorry Jeezy)

Favorite Producer?

My favorite producers would have to be my friends and frequent collaborators Alfonso X and Ross Munroe because we have so much chemistry together. I have a group of about 5 producers that I work with, but I've put in more work with them than anybody. 

Who's the hottest in the game right now? 

I think the hottest in the game right now is Vince Staples, hands down. I don't know if anybody agrees with me I not, but that's how I feel. His music is refreshing. 

An ideal path into a successful career?

My ideal path to a successful career would definitely be doing as much independently as possible, and crafting a solid and consistent sound that my fan base can relate to and grow with. 

Any other talents? 

Other talents that I have include but are not limited to: dancing like I came straight out of a soultrain episode, shaping the homies up with the straight razor and doing a better job than their barbers, and keeping a straight face/ monotone voice In almost almost all conversations. I've been told that I'm like a male Daria, not sure if that counts as a talent or not.

Where are you from?

I'm originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, but I've been in Florida for some years now. 

Who are your inspirations in life/ music? 

Musically, I have too many influences to name, but a few of them are Nas, Redman, Camron, Ismael Rivera, Frankie Ruiz, Antony Santos, Prince, Curtis Mayfield, and Parliament Funk. I grew up watching a lot of blaxploitation films, and was always fascinated with pimp speak/ culture. My favorite movies were American Pimp, and The Mack. I feel like a lot of my ism and demeanor came from observing pimps and players. Not necessarily because of what they did for a living, but because of the way that they presented themselves, and how smooth and sharp they were. Those were my superheroes. 

Are you currently working on anything? 

Currently, I'm working on a few different projects. I'm working on a sequel to a project I released a few years called "Leather Music", and a surprise EP that I plan to release sometime in the summer. 

What's the greatest thing about Central Florida? 

The greatest thing about Central Florida is the diversity that is found here, and there is always something to get into. Also, the weather is nice. 

What makes Central Florida home?

Family, friends, and the experiences that I've had in central Florida, despite not being a native, are what make it home for me. 

Anything you love about Orlando?

The Theme Parks for sure!

Any people in the Central Florida art/music scene you want to shout out? 

I'd like to give a shoutout to my team The Art Dealers, The Left Field Theory, Paid in full, Colours Of The Culture, T.Y.S., Scumbag World, Pablo Vasquez, The Young Parisians, The Weirdos, Chives Creative, my homie Zav, and everybody else in Central Florida doing their thing. I'm sure there are a lot of other people I'm cool with that I can't think of at the moment. 



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