Itchyglock is not your average rapper, he has a mindset that is determined and ready to take the game over. He wants to change the way Central FL is looked at in the rap game and he wants to work with other artists that want to work with him.He was born in 1999 and started rapping in 2015. It started as a hobby that he did for fun but when his friends actually started to like his songs he had a talent and couldn't waste it.

The Interview

Who is ( artist name), how do you want to be perceived?

I want to be perceived as a public figure that’s here to change the world. The modern day John Lennon and inspire others.

Is (artist name) just a play on words, or are you looking to hold a certain image of comradely?

The idea behind the name itchyglock comes from my dad, It represents a political stand against the government and gun control. If the government takes our guns they will control our lives even more!

Love the beat, what made you pick it?

I love the beat because of the mood it sets off, it is different than what other rappers now rap on. It was produced by Dran Fresh Beats.

Tell me about the process of making (project name)

The process of “infLuenSeD” pretty much went that I found the beat, wrote to it while I faced a blunt. After practicing it for about a week I recorded it in my room and mix and mastered it.

Did you always want to be an artist?

I knew I wanted to be famous since a young age but never knew what for, I always assumed it would just happen but as I got older I realized I need to offer something for fame, and I started to rap in 2015.

Do you remember the first song you made?

My first song was recorded on a webcam mic and I recorded on an old desktop computer with JayT. It’s still one of my favorite songs i have made until this day. It was called “Goon Collision”.

What makes you different?

Things that make me different is my vibe, the mood I set off on a song or even when I'm just in the same room as you. My energy always makes everything lit no matter what, that’s just who I am!

Greatest accomplishment in life/music?

My greatest accomplishment in life is graduating high school because now I just have time to work on my music career. My greatest accomplishment in music is winning Heat of the Week for Venue 578.

5 Artists you want to work with?

Joey Bada$$, Flatbush Zombies, XXXTENTACION, Asap Rocky, and Wiz Khalifa.

2 artists from the Central Florida area you’d want to work with.

I honestly haven't heard anyone really heard anyone from central FL besides Caskey but I want to work with anyone who wants to work with me.

Favorite album?

3001: A Laced Odyssey

Favorite Producer?

Erick Arc Elliott

Who’s the hottest in the game right now?


Ideal path into a successful career?

Wherever life takes me.

Any other talents?

I can pearl a Backwood!

Where are you from?

Saint Cloud / Kissimmee

Who are your inspirations in life/music?

My parents and friends inspire me more than anyone!

Are you currently working on anything?

I am working on a second mixtape called “reLeaSeD” it is going to represent being released from school into the real world.

What’s the greatest thing about Central Florida?

The greatest part about Central FL is the culture. There are tons of differently cultured people coming through Central FL everyday and it makes things different all the time.  

What makes Central Florida home?

My Friends and Family.

Anything you love about Orlando?

How it’s not hard for me to get dope.

Any people in the Central Florida art/music scene you want to shout out?

I want to shout out vwesome, she is a clothes artist and makes the dopest clothes ive ever seen. I also want to shout out all off GGOD Dj Humble, TrillWill, Legendcy, and Zen. I also want to shout out my photographer Chris Hernandez.

Ever been to Venue 578 if so, do you have a favorite show or memory?

I have never been there personally but my cousin has performed there but i always missed her show because of school shit!


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