Heat of the Week Update: On May 9th, Venue 578 will be hosting The Heat. The first four winners plus two redemptions for a chance at opening of for T.I and the Hustle Gang tour. These artists will be judged on content, delivery, and crowd response. This is a great networking opportunity for all local artists in the area to come together and support each other on a major scale. Come meet members of Venue 578 and the Music Plug to see what steps you need to take in becoming the next Hometown Hero. Tickets are $5 dollars and for 15$ you can have all you can drink for the first two hours. The winner of this week will compete in the same showcase in June for the opportunity to open for a major headlining artist. The Heat of the Week winner’s will grow their resume more than ever before, so give them all the support they can get. These artists represent your culture, so listen to what they have to offer and vote on your favorite song.


Myke Nation “Cortex” 

Nino Ca$ino & Julius the Superb “Wavy” 

Contra Saturn FT Gloria Marie “Time” 

Via C.J “Weapons”

Otis Oak “Glitter”