Heat of the Week

Ca$per The Friendly Rapper “EVP”


This song proves what every quality rapper wants to prove, that Ca$per can actually spit good bars. From the sample at the beginning, Ca$per is leading the audience into a song that he knows is quality and persistent. The first thing you might notice when listening to the song is his fast flow. The flow is just a great addition to the rest of the track. Sometimes rappers are depended on a fast flow to make their song good, but Ca$per’s flow elevates the solid bars he is spitting within it. He even has little background samples/ad-libs that add to the song that the average listener might miss. The song ends with another vocal part that says, “Who’s next to blow out of the Sunshine State”, applying that Ca$per himself is next to blow.



Ca$per The Friendly Rapper started doin' his thang back in 2009 at the age of 13 when he and a couple of his best buds from middle school jokingly started a rap group, calling themselves "Cabbage Patch Gang." The trio would throw together silly rhymes over simple GarageBand loops but soon realized the blossoming potential of this talented writer incorporating poetry in his rhymes in addition to exhibiting his lyrical abilities, even in the beginning as a fledgling musician. Before long, what had started out as an after-school hobby developed into a burning passion and a dream for the young emcee. Ever since Ca$per recorded his first solo-track in 2011,  the young artist has consistently been putting in work to achieve his dream. Ca$per has been able to build a network and a following through social media, local shows and by continuing to pump out fantastic tracks with better and new production!


Who is Ca$per The Friendly Rapper, how do you want to be perceived? 

I want to be perceived as myself- a young talented artist following his dream of making music that expresses my feelings and thoughts. I hope that the stories I tell through my lyrics inspire others to open their minds and pursue their own passions. Some people say “Oh, you don’t look like a rapper,” and I aim to break down that stereotype. He is soon to be 21, in less than a week matter of fact. He started making music when he was 13 years old. Two years later, he recorded his first solo track on a pair of Turtle Beach headphones over the “She Said” instrumental by The Pharcyde. he uploaded the song to YouTube and actually managed to rack up over 3,000 views. At that moment he realized “Wow, he can actually do this.” When he was 16, he recorded his first song at a professional studio and soon after formed a second rap group called Off The Wall Gang, biting off of Odd Future Wolf Gang, who they were super into at the time. They recorded a few songs, but eventually disbanded. He later attended the University of Central Florida and met LanlordCollectin, a local DJ/producer, and soon after recorded his debut mixtape, “Tree House Club”. He started doing shows in Tampa and Orlando at clubs such as Crowbar, Backbooth, and Venue578. He has built and continued to build a solid fanbase. Some of his additional interests include visual art, poetry, vinyl records, and socializing.  

Is “Ca$per The Friendly Rapper” just a play on words, or are you looking to hold a certain image of comradely?

I gave myself the nickname Casper in middle school because my initials are actually C.A.S., and I’m white like a ghost. 

Love the beat, what made you pick it?

The beat was produced by Black Diamond, who has also made instrumentals used by the likes of Mac Miller, Logic, and Pro Era. I found the beat five years ago and thought that the sound matched my style. 

Tell me about the process of making “EVP”. 

Well, when I originally heard the instrumental, I immediately started writing. However, I was only 16 at the time and didn’t think I was good enough to rap on the beat yet. Recently, I felt as though my ability is up to par with the level of production and I started rewriting. In about a month I finished the song to my satisfaction and recorded it. I soon after released it to the public. 

Did you always want to be an artist? 

No, I actually wanted to be an astronaut when I was a little kid. I started doing theatre in 3rd grade and began pursuing a career in acting. I actually managed to land roles in a few commercials and was an extra in a TV show and a movie. 

dDo you remember the first song you made?

Yeah, that was with the Cabbage Patch Gang. My verse went something like “Spitting llama, Zooiemama, baby mama drama. Something bigger than the ears on Barack Obama. Cabbage Patch ya up, like a band-aid. Went from Joker of the deck to the ace of spades...” that’s all I remember though.

What makes you different?

I’m not afraid to be myself and I have an innate ability to value people for who they are and build relationships. 

Greatest accomplishment in life/music?  

I was an opening act for Curren$y and Juicy J. I also performed at the TakeOffxLanding Hip-Hop festival in Tampa. 

5 artists you want to work with?

Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper, Andre 3000, Mac Miller, and Gorillaz.

2 artists from the Central Florida area you’d want to work with.

Schama Noel and Caskey. 

Favorite album?

Notorious B.I.G. - Ready To Die

Favorite Producer?

I really like MF DOOM and Flying Lotus, but I’d have to say that J Dilla is my favorite producer. 

Who’s the hottest in the game right now?

Kendrick Lamar, without a doubt. 

Ideal path into a successful career? 

Persistence, patience, and a “small loan of a million dollars”. 

Any other talents?  

I can play the didgeridoo. 

Where are you from? 

Polk County; I was born in Lakeland, Florida. 

Who are your inspirations in life/music?

As far as music goes, I draw inspiration from all artists. If a rapper or singer does something positive I will admire and try to emulate that. On the other hand, if I see an artist doing something negative I’ll attempt to avoid making the same mistakes. In life, I am inspired by Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr., Quentin Tarantino, and many others. 

Are you currently working on anything?

Yes, I’m currently in the process of creating my second mixtape, “Spooky Tales and Ghost Stories”. 

What’s the greatest thing about Central Florida?

I love the diversity and the art community is definitely on the rise. There are also a lot of fun things to do and see. 

What makes Central Florida home? 

I’ve been here my whole life and most of my family and friends live here as well. 

Anything you love about Orlando? 

The girls. The party scene and atmosphere are pretty cool too. 

Any people in the Central Florida art/music scene you want to shout out? 

Of course, 

Money Mike @moneymikeprod_

Gabriel @gabr13lll_

Lanlord @lanlordmusic

Everyone at Studio 18 @Studio18FL

James McCabe a.k.a King Jame$ @jamesmccabe3_

Raza @razatwn

And P.W.P. @pwp_music

Ever been to Venue 578 if so, do you have a favorite show or memory?

Yeah, I performed there as an opener for Juicy J on the T.H.C. tour and Curren$y on the Pilot Talk III tour. I also went to my first hip-hop show there- I saw Flatbush Zombies and The Underachievers. It was off the chain!