Schama Noel “Doubtful Thoughts”

With 600 total votes Schama Noel came on top this week with his song, Doubtful Thoughts. He took the lead early and kept it going throughout the weekend. This song isSchama at his best. He is racing through different flows over a nice clean banger of a beat. If you're just looking for a song to turn up to this is it, but there are many layers to the song as well. This song will give you motivation through its sound, but the lyrics are on another level. He goes through a couple bars using the starting line “what If I…” This method of lyrical placements makes the artists really feel their mind racing through these doubtful thoughts that Schama Noel is having in his head. This song is relatable because we all have these thoughts throughout our everyday life. A highlight of the song is at the very end where he speaks some wisdom after the beat drops off. He proclaims that he doesn’t want to get famous over night and that he wants to have a gradual growth to the top. Not many artists would say this, but the greatest artists in the world slowly built their success in this way.


Schama Noel is the cool, humble, well-spoken, & approachable guy that makes music that everyone can listen to, even if they hate rap. He turns 23 July 15th, he can play the piano a little bit like create his own melodies but can't read notes, avatar the last air bender is in his top 5 television series of all time & he’s extremely good at Yugioh. He is the official rap emulator. This means he has a perspective so universal that you can put yourself in the shoes of virtually anyone and study hip hop religiously so that you've mastered all the elements that you try to emulate. He was writing poetry in the 4th grade, the oldest memory he has was when he was 2 years old, he was playing on a toy piano with a pen in his hand and it exploded all over him, he feel like this experience was supernatural .  


Which artists is best to emulate?
My Kanye emulations always do very well and I enjoy thinking of things Kanye would say 

Which is your favorite to emulate?
Eminem is my favorite because I like to challenge my rhyme schemes and metaphors

Does this help your original content?
Absolutely, it forces me to be innovative so people don't put me in a box

Tell me about the process of making “Doubtful Thoughts” 
I was completely blown away when I heard the beat & knew I had to write something crazy, something that matched its energy

Do you remember the first song you made?
I don't remember the first song I made but I do remember the first song that got me some recognition, "The Last Dragon" it's on my god's playlist mixtape, samples J Dilla and hip hop legend Masta Ace has cosigned it and even wanted to jump on the remix 

What makes you different?
Well I don't curse or have any sexually explicit content & I have my own unique flows that can't really be mirrored by anyone else

Greatest accomplishment in life/music?  
I performed in Dubai in 2015, I think that's one of my greatest accomplishments, just being recognized by people from across the world

5 Artists you want to work with?
Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye, Frank Ocean & Chance The Rapper

Favorite album? 
Good Kid; Maad City

Favorite Producer? 

Who’s the hottest in the game right now?
Honestly X probably is, the hype around him is unbelievable and he has a cult-like following that continues to grow

Ideal path into a successful career? 
Getting introduced to the right people who understand the industry and have the best of my interest


Any other talents?  
Playing yugioh I guess lol

Where are you from? 
I was born in Haiti, moved to Orlando when I was 2 years old

Who are your inspirations in life/music?
Jay Z is a huge inspiration, to come from where he's come from and to rise above all of the violence & poverty is remarkable, he definitely influenced a lot of artists to become their own bosses

Are you currently working on anything?
Yeh I'm working on my next project but I'm very picky with beats so I'm taking my time, I'll be releasing new music soon though

What’s the greatest thing about Central Florida/Orlando?
The underground music scene, it's so slept on and there are so many innovative artists that the world will soon be introduced to

What makes Central Florida/Orlando home? 
Honestly the weather, theme parks and beaches, that's what makes me feel like I'm back in Florida but in a few years I predict that the music scene will be just as relevant 

Favorite food spot in Central Florida?
My grandma's kitchen

Any people in the Central Florida art/music scene you want to shout out? 
@Trippyville(amazing painter, does digital art etc)
@CharlesWheatle(producer & videographer)

Ever been to Venue 578 if so, do you have a favorite show or memory?
Yeh, I went to a Logic show there once, Logic literally has extra lungs, he's a great  performer