Before anything is said, Via CJ is documenting his entire life/journey on Youtube. Via CJ is an 18 year old rapper, social media consultant, and weekly Youtube vlogger from Watertown, Connecticut. His full name is Christian Jovan Febles. He was always a kind, humble, “what can I do for you?” type of young man… He gets this generosity from watching his mother and father make sacrifices to make sure he had the best baseball training, was on the best baseball teams, and made sure to travel the country with him for his national baseball tournaments….yes, Via CJ was an athlete his entire life who spent most of his childhood chasing a baseball scholarship. However, his parents were not rich by any means. He watched his mom go to work 7 days per week, for well over 2 years, while his father worked around 6 days per week on average. At the age of 16, CJ suffered a shoulder injury and underwent season-ending surgery which required him to rest and recover all summer long. This meant Via CJ had to find another outlet that wasn’t baseball. After many summer nights depressed in his room, he discovered creating content and digital media on Youtube. He started making graphics (which he still makes for himself and other artists) and vlogs. This is the platform he uses to build his audience for music and any other creative endeavors. 

 Via CJ was making graphics and videos long before he started making music. Music came along slowly but surely. Since he was 12 year old, he would always freestyle in the hotel with his close-knit travel baseball teammates. Eventually at the age of 17, Via CJ was in Time Square, NYC with his mother, father, and girlfriend. It was Christmas time so the lights and atmosphere was tingling his creative senses. He decided to walk into the nearest Best Buy, and spend all of his current funds on a cheap USB Microphone called the Blue Yeti. He set up a small recording studio in his closet at home and spent about 6 months making mock tracks and finding his sound (which are not longer on the internet due to poor quality)...This was a life changing experience for Via CJ.

     After graduating from Orville H. Platt High School in Meriden, CT, Via CJ eventually landed a college baseball offer, but declined it so he could move to Melbourne, Florida, continue his relationship, and pursue his music career as “Via CJ”. He was attending Eastern Florida State College chasing a Psychology degree (intrigued by his long term seasonal depression), but dropped out after his first semester due to debt and time constraints. He quickly became self-aware and realized that being creative and making music/videos is his biggest strength. College was not in his best interest. Via CJ quotes; “I’m ready to fail...I want to win...but I’m ready to fail..I’m 18, none of this is supposed to be happening to me but I’m gonna run with it. College will always be there, but this opportunity won't.” 

     Being in Florida for only 8 months, Via CJ has made some very humbling friendships with other creatives that push him to create at his highest level and continue raising the bar. He travels weekly to Studio 18 in Orlando so he can make music in his favorite environment. To support himself and his creative ventures, he works as a social media consultant out of the Melbourne/Palm Bay area. Via CJ is skilled in running target marketing social media ad campaigns for business owners and artists just like himself. This is just the beginning and Via CJ looks forward to shaking hands and meeting new faces as he gains traction in the Central Florida music scene. When he isn’t working on music, videos, or marketing, he can be found chilling at the beach with loved ones, flying to and from Connecticut, and playing some Xbox One.


What is your age, musical history, interests, etc. ?

 I am 18 years old, turning 19 on May 14th. As far as music history goes, I played violin in 3rd grade for a couple weeks and then quit haha. Then I started self-teaching piano a bit but am still very amateur. I’ve been singing, rapping, and freestyling with my friends for many years though. 

Did you always want to be an artist

Hell No! Haha I always wanted to be a professional baseball player, but once the surgery happened, I quickly realized that was out of the question. Music is what just came naturally to me, I believe the universe gave it to me. 

Do you remember the first song you made?

Yes, it was so embarrassing. The song was called “Wildin” and I just spit any bars I could think of. I’m laughing just thinking about it haha. 

What makes you different?

I am different because I don’t only make music. I am a complete Social Media Internet Kid Hybrid. I make videos, put out weekly vlogs on my Youtube channel, and on top of all that I manage social media accounts for several businesses and a few successful artists. 

Greatest accomplishment in life/music?  

In music, my greatest accomplishment is winning Heat of The Week; Week 7, hosted by the lovely Venue 578. My other greatest accomplishment is gathering over 30k total views on my debut professional song “Weapons”...other than that I’m just hype that I’ve never been arrested or anything like that. 

Four Artists you want to work with?

This is a tough question because I look up to many artists, but if I had to only choose 4, I would say Mike Stud, Russ, Travis Scott, and G4shi

Two artists from the Central Florida area you’d want to work with.

There’s definitely more than 2 but I’ll attempt to only pick 2. I would have to say my man Malachi over at Studio 18 who goes by the artist name “TEL”... Another artist I would love to work with is Drex Carter

Favorite album?

This may sound crazy, but my favorite album is Encore by DJ Snake. The variety of genres mixed with the insane level of production is just a straight up eargasm.


Favorite Producer?

That’s a tough question. Even though I’ve never actually recorded a track on one of his beats, my favorite producer would have to be BAD ONE. 

Who’s the hottest in the game right now?

You may be expecting me to say Drake, but I’m gonna go ahead and cast my vote for Russ as the hottest out in 2017.


Ideal path into a successful career? 


My ideal path to a successful career has a lot to do with patience. However, speed is also crucial. I guess it is all about having long term patience (not wanting everything to happen today) MIXED with short term speed (getting things done quickly day in and day out.)

Any other talents?  

I am really good at doing yo-yo tricks, writing essays, and drawing. Oh yea, I’m also pretty nasty in Call of Duty...1v1 me...

Where are you from? 

I was born in Waterbury, CT. At 4 years old I moved to Watertown, CT. Then at 16, I moved to Meriden, CT. Now I’m living in Melbourne, FL. 

Who are your inspirations in life/music?

My biggest inspirations in life are my parents. They’ve handcrafted me. All glory goes to them. I’m also inspired by Logic, because his message his all about peace, love, and positivity. A lot of my inspiration/self-discipline comes from my lifelong involvement in baseball.

Are you currently working on anything?

I am currently working on my next song called “My Time”... I promise it’s super creative and not cliche haha. 

What’s the greatest thing about Central Florida?

The greatest thing, in my opinion, about Central Florida is the creative scene. There are so many creators who are more talented than me and it truly pushes me to new heights. 

What makes Central Florida home? 

Although I’m from a completely different part of the country in Connecticut, Central Florida still feels like home because of the level of acceptance they have for me. Especially Orlando. Studio 18 took me under their wing and so did all of Orlando and I am beyond blessed. 

Anything you love about Orlando? 

I love the quality of artistic competition. I also love the fact that Orlando is up next in the music industry. I also love the food, shoutout to those quesadillas I had the other day at Hunger St.

Any people in the Central Florida art/music scene you want to shout out? 

Yes! Gotta shout out the first creator I ever met in Florida. He is a photographer named Kadeem a.k.a ArrogantWatcher. I want to shout out my man Ignacio a.k.a BAD ONE a.k.a PROTOOLSSHAWTY. He is the first engineer/producer I ever met here in Florida and he is the guy who mixed my song “Weapons.” Another shoutout goes to my guy Stephen Oliviera who is a local photographer in Palm Bay.  I want to also shout out a fellow artist in Orlando named Drex Carter. He inspires me and he just dropped a sick project called Wolves. I wanna shout out my boy Count Morris who is an Orlando engineer/producer who is actually from the same hometown in CT as me. Another shoutout goes to Circa and gang over at Indepreneur for teaching the cutting edge ways to build a true audience online. Also, want to shout out my man Cupp who mastered my song “Weapons.”  Another shoutout goes to IMG Complete in Palm Bay, FL, for doing everything that they do and helping me evolve as an entrepreneur. Lastly, I want to shout out my homie Malachi a.k.a TEL over at Studio 18.