There is a little over two weeks left until the first official Heat Showcase. Everyone should come out to watch past Heat of the Week winners battle it out for the chance at opening up for the T.I Hustle Gang Tour on June 9th. The Heat presented by Venue 578 and the Music Plug will be on May 9th. The winner of this week will perform in a similar showcase in June with the chance to open up for a major headliner as well. This week’s selections were picked because of their unique styles. We have 5 artists that are from all over Central Florida that are proud to represent their area. Give them all a listen and vote on which song you think deserves to be the next Heat of the Week!

Kid Krippy “Old Times”

Scoob The Gaud Himself “The Beacham”

+indigo “Viral”

Bonni3 featuring Nicodemus “The Real Ones”

John De Vinci “Shrek and Fionna”