Heat Of The Week - +indigo☹ “Viral”


+indigo☹ is an artist who wants to push limits, create raw material, and one that can not be copied. He wants to be perceived as someone you can’t really put a label on. He finds interest in icons who do anything they want, and the moment you try to figure out or name call what they are on, the energy transcends & develops something into something you can’t. He’s always been that way, personally and with his artistry. He is 22 years old. He does not have any no other musical history other then playing the recorder in fourth grade. He can't read music at all, but he always knew he was made for this since he was 5 years old riding passenger in his mom’s whip. He’s been listening to music for so long creating it became 2nd nature. His interest include Horror Movies, Anime, playing PS4, trying to make more fire music, out-do himself, CROWD SURFING, and successfully making moves to further his career.


What’s with the sad face?

- You are the goat for asking me this. My name has plenty of meanings but the plus sign is a representation of everything in life that is positive. The frown face represents everything in life that is negative. My name is in the middle of them both because I am in the balance of both. Everyone is. There is no more bad than good, & vice versa.

Tell me about the process of making “Viral”

- I was in my cousin Breezy’s room and I wanted to make a banger… I found the beat (shoutout Packman Beats) I wrote my verse & just freestyled the hook. I engineered myself, and dropped it! It's also Part 1 of a story. The 2nd part is called Meningitis. As in “Viral Meningitis”.

Did you always want to be an artist?

-Yes. I always knew I would be. When I was young, I didn't know how I would be one.. but I knew. When I got older and got out of high school it got put on pause because of

depression, a relationship, family issues, insecurities, and whatever people use as an excuse for not following they dream. I also was doing the job & college thing. I worked for Mcdonald's, AT&T Tier 2 Tech Support, Staples and dropped out of Seminole State College…. But honestly, none of it was for me. I needed a life, & to not live in a box just to make other people happy you know?

Do you remember the first song you made?

- Yes lmfaoooooo, its called 27 Club (Super Chef). It's on a slowed down Makkonen beat. It still does the best on my SoundCloud to this day. It surprises me how well it does despite it being my first song ever. It taught me that you never know what people will resonate with.

What makes you different?

- I’m here to be myself & actually see how nasty I can get with this music. I’m not trying to win you over by copying someone else’s sound, showing you who I'm affiliated with on IG or whatever... People forget about that part sometimes, the actually having talent part. I’m different because I'm always gonna stay in my lane, and true to myself, but grow 30x doing it.

Greatest accomplishment in life/music?

- Doing exactly what always know i could, despite people i used to love telling me that i could never. & Opening for Xavier Wulf at Backbooth was lit too. We went crazy….. it was the first time i crowd surfed.

Five Artists you want to work with?

-Abra, Earl Sweatshirt, Los Hosale, Young Thug, and La Flame.

Two artists from the Central Florida area you’d want to work with.

- Diana Etienne & Donny Blanks.

Favorite album?

- I listen to wayyyyy too much fire to have a favorite… but After Dark 3 (DJ Wi$h6one), Slime Season 3(Young Thug), My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Yeezy), Views Chopped & Screwed (Drake x DJ Purpberry), Future/HNDRXX Chopped & Screwed

(Future x DJ Purpberry) Only Built 4 Cuban Linx(Raekwon), & this new Carti (Playboi Carti) have been in heavy rotation these last 4 days.

Favorite Producer?

- Again with the “favorite” huh? Lmaooooo

808 Mafia, Khaed, Cris Deniro, La Flame, RZA, Nuri, Ronny J, Packman, WondaGurl, Danny Wolf, Donny Blanks, DJ Wi$h6one, Icytwat, & NI**AISTOLEDABEAT

Who’s the hottest in the game right now?

-No one has bars for Earl Sweatshirt however it would be crazy if him and Kendrick had rap beef and dropped them diss tracks so we could really see wassup.., Future/Young Thug have untouchable flows whether you like what they saying or not, and 808 Mafia is running the beat industry.

An ideal path into a successful career?

- High key, I'm just trying to get a solid manager to get me more shows & festivals, once that happens I got it from there. As far as answering that question for anybody else, stay solid, create, love your craft more than the negative comments you will receive for it, and never let yourself be put in a box. Not one. Don't tolerate it, not even if it's your family because the family wouldn't do that to you.

Any other talents?

-I can write poetry, graphic design, fix computers, cook 5 star snacks, ghost ride the whip, engineer, curate, produce, and teach a novice how to do all of them very well in a very short amount of time.

Where are you from?

-Orlando, FL

Who are your inspirations in life/music?

-My Grandmother is my god. I have no other life inspirations other than her. Point blank.

Are you currently working on anything?

- Yes! My first project called “THE SEPHIROTH’S CHARAÉ” is dropping this summer... I’ve been working on it since early last year and i'm in love with it. Its inspired by my mother and what became of me losing her. It’s why i rap, why i'm different to all my old friends now, why i'm even on this platform… it all falls back to her. It also pays tribute to my love for anime, Florida, conscious music, crazy beats, vivid productions, poetry, & knowing that light comes after every tunnel.

What’s the greatest thing about Central Florida?

-Food, Black Women, Spanish Women, the undiscovered talents that are ready to thrive globally, the lowkey recording studios & what it made me.

What makes Central Florida home?

-What doesn’t?

Anything you love about Orlando?

-I’m not gonna lie, it’s starting to grow a lot more for the ways the YOUTH needs it too, i’m glad things are progressing, I love to see its growth.

Any people in the Central Florida art/music scene you want to shout out?

My #collectivedead brothers ( @crimsonthegawd + @HTDre_), RAWSWIM, Swirlsss, BackBooth, Venue 578, Mango Beats, AMH, HomeTeam, Donny Blanks, Danny Towers, King Carlow, OG Records, Imperfections, OutHereVisuals, Brianna Mundle, Drelue, and everyone who has ever supported me in any way, shape, or form.


Ever been to Venue 578 if so, do you have a favorite show or memory?

YOOOOOOOOOOOO me and my brother Christian came to Venue to see Travis Scott when he was on his Rodeo tour. IT WAS SO LIT. we had V.I.P, there were maddddd fine shorties in da building, and I saw some guy get a Street Fighter Mortal Kombat piece to the dome in the mosh pit. 10/10 birthday gift for real lol.


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Tumblr: http://deathofindigo.tumblr.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/indigo27club
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