Venue 578 is excited to begin this weekly segment of supporting local hip-hop talent. Every week, we invite local rappers to submit their music to us via email. We had many artists send in their songs, and we were thrilled to get to hear what our city is producing finally. We listened to everything we were sent, and we narrowed it down to our five favorite songs of the week. The artists’ names and a link to their songs are displayed below. Please listen to all the songs and vote on which song you think is the best. Spread the word to everyone you know in the area that makes hip-hop. I think they'd appreciate the competition and promotion. If you're interested in submitting a song next week, please visit,

Top Songs of the Week

Westside Lucas “The Bottom”

Aundrae Black “MembersOnly(Worldwide)”

KJay Jones “Smooth Operator”

Lou God ft. Lil PUNK! “Love Me Not”

nAvvvi “Track 666”

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