Three reasons why we are excited about this week’s Create, The DJs!

Lasercon has three talented Dj’s playing in one night. There is an eclectic range of quality skills that will be present on Thursday evening. LNY TNZ is changing the game with his hardstyle bangers. Tuneboy is an Italian legend that can create an entirely different show every time he performs with his lengthy catalog. Lastly, if hardstyle is not your thing, Gammer’s set will have the audience feeling the joy in the air with his happy hardcore set. I hope you can free up your schedule because Thursday you're getting three great DJs at the price of one. Here’s a little information on them to get you excited, if you aren't already.



1. Burn it Down!

LNY TNZ’s new single “Burn It Down” is everything we want out of the hardstyle genre. The single is an electronic pop record with the same little hints of LNY TNZ that makes their songs such bangers. This song has a beautifully put together hook with vocals that match it perfectly. Watch the music video for it here

2. Fvck Genres EP

Their latest EP was everything that we love about the duo. There were four new songs on the EP with collaborations with Sam King, Dave Revan, and Kalibwoy. It was a collection of possible festival bangers. “Hit Em Hard” was the stand out track of them all. You can check out the EP on Soundcloud, Spotify, etc.


Everyone still loves this talent packed collaboration of LNY TNZ, Diplo, Yellow Claw, and Waka Flocka Flame. With over 15 million views on Youtube, this song flew around festival grounds for years to come. Waka Flocka’s energy synchronizes heavenly with the mixing of this great collective of DJs. I think it's a fact that on Thursday Waka would

love to say, “The club is packed front to back, man, I’m loving that.” Revisit the track here,



1.He’s a Legendary DJ from Italy.

If you haven't seen Tuneboy live, then you do not want to miss out on Thursday night. Tuneboy has been killing it since the 90’s. He helped create the hardstyle genre that we love today, and it can be argued that he does it better than anyone else. He gave his first live performance at the legendary Cocoricò club in Italy. Anyone who has consistently been DJing for almost three decades needs to be respected and is a must see. Tuneboy will always elevate the pure sound of Italian Hardstyle.

2. Just watch his Qlimax 2016 set!

Tuneboy’s set at Qlimax 2016 was incredible. From start to finish I could not stop watching this video. He starts off with “Hear This,” which starts off with the the incredible drop of “Don’t believe everything you've heard so far,” then it's time to straight rage for his hour and 15-minute set. This set goes through his legendary discography and will still have you leaving wanting more. If Thursday night’s vibe is anything like this, it will be amazing. If you do not click on anything else on this blog, click this!

3. Freshly coming from EDC Mexico

Tuneboy just finished playing at EDC Mexico last weekend. This will be his first show after EDC, so his adrenaline from that will hopefully transpire onto Venue 578. Dj’s usually turn it up during festival season, so we will be waiting all night patiently to see if Tuneboy has any surprises up his sleeve.



1. New Single “Feel Like This”

This track is nothing like we've heard from Gammer before, it takes happy to a whole other level. The song lifts you up with its airiness and makes you never want to come down. Gammer and Darren Styles have a chemistry that shows on their tracks together. I’m excited to hear more from these two. The link to the single can be found here

2. He’s one of the top hardcore DJs

Gammer bleeds happy hardcore! he has taken the hardcore genre by storm and owned it. He has the accolades to show for it. In 2004, he won Best Breakthrough DJ, and he didn't stop there. He has won best Hardcore DJ six years in a row at the Hardcore Heaven Awards. He also has won Best Producer and Best Track of the year. It's safe to say that he knows what he’s doing.

3. Has the Monstercat stamp!

Monstercat is an independent music label for electronic dance music. They have helped launch some incredible artists’ careers. Some notable Dj’s that have been signed to the label are Slushii, Jauz, Snails, and Marshmello. They are notable for help push the underground scene onto a mainstream platform. Gammer will continue to flourish with the backing of Monstercat.


Written By: Matthew Munoz