Artists Bio

Campfire Ent. is a group composed of rappers, directors, producers, singers and models. This group was founded my Tavares Bailey (aka Lil PUNK!) and Christian Peralta (aka Chris Campfire).

LouGod is the rap/producing/engineering extraordinaire of Campfire Ent. The majority of beats rapped by Campfire Ent. are produced by LouGod. He was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina & raised in Maryland before moving to Orlando. LouGod’s influences consist of Jay Z, Gucci Mane, and Chance the Rapper.

Lil PUNK! is the rap/modeling/designing extraordinaire of Campfire Ent. He is also one of the founding members of Campfire Ent. Lil PUNK! was born in Nottingham, England & raised in Broward County. He’s lived in Orlando for the past 10 years. Lil PUNK’s influences consist of Missy Elliott, Kurt Cobain and Wiz Khalifa.

LouGod and Lil PUNK! met through mutual music friends and worked on their first project together with their good friend Rokk, titled “PUNK ROC GODS.” From there working on music and other ideas together was second nature to them. Their chemistry clicked instantly and it shows in their music and on stage.

What would you say your sound is?: “Shoot, we can't even call it! (Laughs). Sometimes it could be grunge trap, other times it could be neo soul, at times it could even be R&B. It all depends on the mood in the studio”.

Favorite thing about Orlando?: “The diversity, beautiful women and opportunity to grow as a person and artist. Also, It’s simply the fact that I’ve been here for almost 10 years now. For LouGod it is the connections he's made here and the progress he's made at Full Sail because he came to Orlando to accomplish his goals”.

Anyone in the Orlando art/music scene you want to shout out?: “Shout out WestSide Lucas. He's one of the hottest cats coming out of Orlando. Shout out OK!Charlie. Shout out Tablez. Shout out Hazy. Shout out Free Dolo and WuTran. Shout

out our family Lo, Avi, RayRich, Bad.Scoop, Tax Season, Henny Black, Gloom Garcia, Rokk, Era Daze, and of course the man who made all this possible, Chris Campfire!!”


Winning Song Review

Lougod Ft. Lil Punk! “Love Me Not”

“Love Me Not” is a new age hit. If you have listened to anything out of the Campfire Ent. discography you won’t hear a song like this one. At the same time, this song carries all the aspects of LouGod and Lil Punk!’s music that excel. The beat was produced by LouGod himself, it’s light and simple, but compliments both the artists’ vocals perfectly. From the start, LouGod’s hook is more than just catchy. The hook is relatable and brings out real emotion. Everyone knows that moment when a significant other tells you they might be moving on. You can really hear the chemistry of the two rappers when Lil Punk!’s soft whispering vocals hit behind LouGod’s deeper voice. It is a remarkable combination. Lougod’s verse explains all the things that drove the girl away, while Lil Punk’s verse pleas to the girl that the love is too strong to just up and leave. One of the biggest moments of the song is Lil Punk!’s screechy voice when he sings “Hey!” in the middle of his verse. This quick moment helps switch up the flow up the song. His emotions truly come out when he does that, and it's something that occurs in his songs frequently. It’s this unique attribute that makes him stand out from the rest.

Favorite Line by LouGod: “I’m a man, baby. Take your chance with me. We can go to France, teach me how to dance”.

Favorite Line by Lil Punk! “Look inside my eyes baby, I don’t tell no lies baby. I just want to hold you once again, you’re my best friend”. Listen here,

Happy Suicide

Club 13 - HotBox
Lil PUNK! - Wade
PUNK! ROC GODS - Money Fiend

Links: SoundCloud, Website, YouTube