Venue 578 prides ourself on creating the best music experience. We are continually improving the complex with technology that will lead to our fans having the greatest show possible. Two brand new video walls are now installed on the main stage. The first wall is located in front of the DJ booth, which will provide cutting-edge visuals that will increase the fan’s experience. The second video wall is larger and will allow the artist to display visual content that brings the performance full-circle. This innovation in our production will enhance the concert experience for both our fans and the artist. The walls will get their first piece of action tonight with the Bixel Boys on the Create Stage. Venue 578 is ready to show these bad boys off, so come to the show tonight and check them out!

But wait there’s more!

The venue is not stopping there. We have plans to expand the wall on the main stage to almost double the size and add a visual banner that perimeters the dance floor in the next coming weeks. Keep a look out for all the changes, and we hope that our fans are just as excited as us to see the new additions come to life.

Let’s Get to Partying,

Venue 578 Staff