Randy Santos believes he is the future. He wants show everyone that it’s possible to do literally whatever you want in life, as long as you apply yourself and you truly believe in what it is you wanna do. He wants to push everyone into a new way of thinking. He is 20 Years old. He started writing raps back when he was 8 years old and stuck to it ever since. He’s interested in a lot of different things, mostly art. Randy likes to see everything as art in a way. He always at a young age that this is what he wanted to do. Santos was Born in Rhode Island, but was raised in Central Florida. His biggest influences are Tupac, Jay-Z, Andre 3000, and Slick Rick and many more. He just tries to learn from the greats and really apply it to his craft in his own way.


What makes you different?
I’m myself. I don’t try to sound like anyone else or fabricate anything in my music. Everything is 100% me and that’s the beauty of it. Nobody can replicate that and nobody can take that away from me.

How did the winning song come together/creative process?
To be honest I don’t really remember. I would love to tell y’all a cool story about how it came together but all I remember is that it was a late night and I recorded a few songs and sent them to my friends at like 6 in the morning. That’s usually how my nights go.

Greatest accomplishment in life/music?
I feel like it’s too early in my life for me to say right now.

Top 5 Artists you want to work with?
Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, and maybe Lolawolf.

Favorite Producer?
Kanye West

Who’s the hottest in the game right now?
Drake. It’s no question.

An ideal path into a successful career?
I feel like there isn’t one ideal set path. If I've learned anything from watching some of the most successful people it’s that everyone goes through their bumps in the road but it’s what you learn from that that makes you successful.

Any other talents?
I used to dance when I was younger. I swear I felt like I was gonna be on America’s Bess Dance Crew.

Are you currently working on anything?
Right now there’s a few things in the works and a few ideas floating around. Trying to have something fun for you guys by the summer.

What is OG Records?
OG Records is a collective of young creatives that wanna bring dope shit to the world in every artistic way possible.

What’s the greatest thing about Central Florida?
The scenery. The scenery here is beautiful, I feel like a lot of people take that for granted or just don’t realize it because they’ve been living here forever but it’s really nice out here.

What makes Central Florida home?
This is where I’ve grown to be the person who I am today. Most of the stories I tell in the future are gonna be about the moments I had here.

Any people in the Central Florida art/music scene you want to shout out?
Shoutout my team, OG Records. Shoutout Diana (@Honeynmlk) I think she’s one of the dopest visual artist period. And Shoutout anybody out here tryna do their thing. Oh and shoutout Venue 578 for even giving me this opportunity.

Ever been to Venue 578 if so, do you have a favorite show or memory?
I’ve been once because our DJ Winyan Cistina had a set and it was the dopest thing ever cause that was one of his goals and he got it done. It was dope to see him up there

Song Review
Randy Santos “Come to U”  

Randy Santos is only 20 years old, but there is something nostalgic about his flow and storytelling abilities on Come to U. The flow and lyrics come together in such a unique way that you feel like you personally know Randy. This song gives the feeling of the reality to grow up as a kid that is truly about hip-hop. Yes he talks about drugs, drinking, and girls, but he does not celebrate them These are just simply things that are involved with his life just like when he mentions Pharrell Williams. The worst thing a rapper can do is fabricate a rap persona that isn't about them, and this song is the opposite of that. Come to U is a transparent view of Randy Santo’s friendships, ideology, charisma and lifestyle. The beat fits perfectly with Randy’s personality and flow of the song. He doesn't need much more then a low volume chopped and screwed beat to get his point across. The music video is the same way, it is just a representation of what Randy Santos does when he’s in Miami at 3 am in the morning. In the video, he is just hanging with his friends while rolling up and pouring drinks, but this is exactly the feeling up the song.


Favorite Lines:

“I’m in love with pussy just like Alice when she high”
This line is good because it's not like the normal Alice in Wonderland references we get in rap songs. Usually, the redundant line in rap songs references being as high as Alice, or something or that nature. Randy uses it to express the relationship between Alice and Cheshire Cat compared to Randy’s love for having intercourse with girls.

“Young jiggy nigga, made these women act right, man I swear I was a pimp in my past life”
This is a solid bar because Randy is expressing that he is so smooth that all the girls love him, and they have a certain respect for him that they would never say anything against him. He says he was a pimp in his past life because he feels like he was destined to have this respectable pimp like lifestyle.

“I'm selfless never say that I'm selfish, nowadays I’m eating wit niggas I went through hell with it” The line has great wordplay and double entendres, it also shows his personality of caring for his homies. In this line, he is stating that he is a selfless person that would be anything for his brothers. Now that he’s a little more in his rap career, he is still riding with the same people that he was struggling with in the beginning. When he says “never say that I'm selfish,” the word play sounds like Randy is saying shellfish, like the type of fish that is common eaten. The next line he says that he is eating, so these two lines that don’t seem like they go together, actually fit together perfectly.