26' Wide x 20' Deep


Main Room


(1) Behringer X32 Digital Audio Console
(8) L’Acoustic ARC Boxes (4 top boxes per side, Crown Macro-Tech Powered)
(12) CPR Proprietary 2x18” sub boxes, Crown Macro-Tech Powered          
(4) Crown Macro-Tech 9000i
(4) Custom CPR bi-amped stage wedges, All Crest powered and BSS processing           

(1) 2 way 40 input, 8 return splitter with FOH and Monitor fan outs
(3) Shure Wireless Handheld mics with SM 58 capsules


(2) 4x8 Stage risers. 12” and 36” legs and skirting


150a on stage (non-lighting)
200a on stage with camlock passthrough for lighting (Current in-house lighting rig uses about 100a)


Grand MA OnPC with Command Wing, Fader Wing and touch screen PC
(3) Martin RDM 5.5 DMX Splitter
(18) Martin Rush MH4 Moving Beams
(6) Chauvet Q Wash 436Z
(8) Martin Rush 5x5 Strobes
(15) Chauvet Legend 412
9) Elation Opti RGB
(9) Chauvet Colorado Tour 1
(2) X-Laser 1 watt laser
(8) Chauvet 330 SR Spot Movers (not on lighting plot yet)


The Den

(2) EV 2 way top boxes
QSC powered
(2) Mackie Fussion single 18” sub
Self powered
DBX Driverack processor


The Loft

(2) QSC HPR112i 2 way speakers
(3) EV ZX4 2 way speakers
(2) QSC KW181 sub


Martin Light Jockey Controller
(4) Lightwave Trackspot
(3) American DJ Reflex LED


The following is an equipment list and is subject to change slightly. If other equipment is needed please ask and we can provide you with the available options.


DJ Equipment (Can be moved from room to room as needed)

(1) Pioneer DJM-900 mixer
(1) Pioneer DJM-800 mixer
(2) Pioneer DJM-600 mixer
(1) Pioneer DJM-500 mixer
(1) Vestax PMC-07 Pro mixer
(1) Rane TTM 57SL mixer with Serato
(2) Pioneer CDJ-2000 DJ Turntables
(5) Pioneer CDJ-1000 MKii DJ Turntables
(3) Pioneer CDJ-1000 MKiii DJ Turntables