Dutch producer Bakermat arrived to DJ stardom a little differently than most. At 18, he went to college in the Netherlands to be a psychologist. In his spare time, he started to play around with his core music genres: house, jazz, and soul-- with little intention of becoming a full-time DJ. Well, his unique style of EDM caught on pretty quickly, especially in Germany and Austria, and the rest is history.

If you've never listened to Bakermat and you've made it this far in the blog post, we can't encourage you enough to listen to his 2 main tracks below. It might just be the most unique-sounding EDM you've heard in awhile. It's jazz and house music, beautifully blended together.

For fun, tell us which of the 2 tracks below you like the best. Comment on this post or on Facebook.

Bakermat - One Day

Bakermat - Teach Me


Bakermat performs on Friday, 8/7. Doors are at 10pm, get your tickets hereTry to win tickets here.