Chicago rapper Lil Durk last rolled through town this past February, and it was quite a show. From the Lil Durk himself to the crowd to the openers -- everything and everyone was on point. This time around, Durk has a new album under his belt. This show will also have Gunplay and Hypno Carlito opening. For these reasons, we think the party will be even better than the last one (and that's saying a lot).

If you're unfamiliar with Lil Durk's work, but love hip hop, we suggest you listen to some of his more popular tracks. Like Me, L's Anthem, and  Dis Ain't What U Want are probably his biggest bangers. Listen to the latter below:

If you need further convincing to come out to the show on 9/19, we've provided 5 examples of visual proof that the show will be wild. These photos were taken at the last Lil Durk show at our place. Shout out to Leanne Leuterio for the shots.


Lil Durk performs on 9/19, doors at 8pm, all ages. Get your tickets here / get more info here