If you're into metal music, you're aware of Mushroomhead. These costumed monsters have been slaying stages with their melodic metal since 1993. That's 2 years before their long time (former?) rival Slipknot formed, but who's counting. All we know is we can't wait to hear some of their best lullabies like "Never Let Go", "Sun Doesn't Rise", and "Kill Tomorrow" blasting from our speakers.

Now, Mushroomhead alone would suffice for an intense night of eardrum-shattering music, but the rest of the lineup is equally intriguing. In no particular order, we have Mortiis, September Mourning, Unsaid Fate, Catcher In The Rye, Amerikan Overdose, Sister Kill Cycle, and Pyskotribe.

To get you acquainted with the entire lineup, we've included a brief sentence and track from each act. Enjoy!

We kind of already talked about them. Just listen.

The merry band of misfits is an industrial act from freezing cold Norway. Like Mushroomhead, they opt for wearing creepy garb which goes well with their haunting music.

September Mourning
NYC gothic metal band September Mourning tells stories through their music.

Unsaid Fate
Hard rock band Unsaid Fate hails from Cleveland. It is rumored that Lebron James is a fan.

Amerakin Overdose
Portland nu metal outfit Amerakin Overdose represent the opposite of Fred Armisen's Portlandia.

Metal locals Psykotribe will take us through multiple levels of darkness during their set on Friday.

Sister Kill Cycle
Fellow Floridians Sister Kill Cycle look and sound like other fellow Floridian Marilyn Manson.

Catcher and the Rye
Metal act Catcher and the Rye prove that Daytona Beach has more to offer than just a beach to drive on.


The show is on Friday, 10/9. Doors open at 6pm. Get your tickets here / get more info here