We pride ourselves on running one of the most versatile, memorable, and beautiful venues in all of Orlando. Over the past 21 years, chances are you've only been to a concert at our place, but little did you know, we also frequently host wedding receptions, Bar Mitzvahs, giant outdoor festivals, and even film shoots (just to name a few). It doesn't matter if your event is bringing 10,000 people or just a few hundred-- we have the space, the land, and the professionals to make your event fit your needs, while making it a memorable experience for your guests.

To give you an idea of the types of events we can host, we came up with a list of 14 common uses for our venue. Throughout this post, we'll include images of the room for different private events to give you a visual idea. If you want photos now, jump to the venue rental section of our website.

1) Concerts
This is what we're most known for. Since the early 90's, we've been bringing all kinds of acts to our stage (we were known as Firestone Live pre-November 2014). Our venue holds approximately 1,500 people total, and can be split it easily to accommodate smaller crowds. We also control 7 acres of land next to our building. Outside, we can host up to 10,000 guests. See below for a pic from one of our concerts.

2) Birthday Parties
You know when you get invited to that birthday party that you don't feel like going to? It's not like you don't like the person. You just don't want to drive out to the outskirts of Orlando just to spend money on overpriced food in a place where you can't even converse with people you know because you're all sitting at a long table. You'd rather stay in and watch TV show re-runs. Sound familiar?

Throw your birthday party with us, no one will complain ;-)


3) Photoshoots
If you're a photographer looking for a classy shooting location with ample lighting or you're looking to get photographed, we have plenty of spots within our walls for the perfect photo. Your portfolio will thank you afterwards.


4) Sweet 16s / Quinceañeras
We mentioned birthday parties already, but we consider Sweet 16s and Quinceañeras a whole new level of birthday. We dare you to find the most outlandish thing you can think of for a Sweet 16, and ask us if we can do it. Chances are, we can do it. If we can't, it's probably really entertaining, so ask us anyway.


5) Corporate Meeting Space

If you're looking to host the next industry conference, killer holiday party for the team, or company-only concert, we're an ideal spot. While we can almost guarantee everyone will have a blast, we cannot guarantee that your co-worker won't get too drunk and spill his awkward secrets.

6) Film Shoot
Just recently, scenes in big movies like Ninja Turtles, Interstellar, Hunger Games, Jurassic Park remake, and Harry Potter were filmed at our venue.

Ok. Not really, but they could have. If your movie / show / commercial needs a bar or club scene, we're your place.

7) Festivals
Under the Concert header, we talked about our ability to do outdoor music festivals. We want to re-emphasize our amazing ability to put on world-class outdoor festivals in the 7 acres adjacent to our venue. If you want to utilize the indoor space as well, more power to you.

We're still waiting for your call, Coachella.

8) Reunions
Whether you have an upcoming class reunion or a huge family, we have the perfect spot. If you wanted, we could even help you re-create that awkward night at prom back in the day.

9) Receptions
Think about your favorite moment from the last wedding you went to....was it during the reception?

We know the answer is yes, and that's more the reason to pick a place like us to have the most memorable reception possible. From food to music to dancing space to cocktails, we got the full gamut.

10) Fashion Shows
You need a venue that matches the creativity and look of your fashion line. Lucky for you, we can alter the look and feel of the room to match the clothes you'll be showing off. On the day of the event, all you'll have to worry about is not tripping on the catwalk.

11) Bar / Bat Mitzvahs
With our spacious floor space, large stage for DJs or performers, elegant look, multiple areas, and ability to do just about anything (hello 2 story chocolate fountain), we give you a lot of flexibility when planning your child's coming of age.

12) Fundraisers
We put the 'fun' in fundraiser. More importantly though, we also help you put the 'raise' in fundraiser because people actually want to come to our venue which will help you raise money.

13) Charity Galas
Generate even more money for your charity with a fancy gala for your charity. We do those too.

14) Ceremonies
We do all kinds of ceremonies in our venue. Just no blood sacrifices or live chickens running around, please.

15) Comedy Shows
Q: How do you keep an Orlando Magic player out of your yard?
A: Put up a basketball net.

(hey ohhhh)

Host a comedy show that hopefully has better jokes than that one. In general, host any seated event at our venue. See below for a photo of how we can set up the room for your seated event.



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