After more than 20 years under the original ownership of Jan Harrold who purchased the old Firestone Tire company's building in the early nineties and transformed it into one of the country's most renowned entertainment complex and concert venues, Venue 578 (Previously Club Firestone) is now officially under new ownership.

After a few failed attempts at selling the business to other management firms and companies, Jan finally found new owners for the historic venue.  The  new ownership is a group comprised of several people in the entertainment industry.  It includes William Royall, Silvia Guillan, Javier Guillan, Joel Font, and Matthew Kanuck.

William and Javier both own and operate ZEUS Nightlife, a promotions and artist talent agency, and Backwoods Music Festival, a forty-thousand person four day music festival with eight stages and over five hundred performing artists, while both Joel and Matthew act as investors for promoters who throw world tours for acts such as Ricky Martin and more.

The new ownership has plans for the venue to get it back to the "way things used to be" where the club was packed 4-5 nights per week.  To do so, it's going to take some work.  While the venue was originally hailed as one of the top "freshest" clubs in Billboard Magazine and Rolling Stone Magazines, over recent years the venue was shut down for periods of time, and acting with a bare-bones staff and absentee owner.  Furthermore, many relationships with promoters and the previous owner had soured.

The new owners are rebuilding the reputation of the venue currently, both with attendees and promoters alike.  The young, fresh, and energetic group has built their reputation on respect and honesty in the business, which has carved excellent relationships with agencies, management companies, and promoters alike through their other ventures in the industry.  

"We're excited about the acquisition of this amazing venue.  It's really been a staple of Orlando for so long now, but in recent years really wasn't being operated to it's full potential.  We've got a road ahead of us for sure, but we are already seeing great progress with some of the promoters we've been working with on their shows.  Our goal, besides  bringing some incredible talent to the area, will be to make this a true "entertainment complex" for all sorts of events including corporate events, private parties, concerts and more ." - Will Royall

If you're interested in partnering with Venue 578 for your next event, the new owners would love to speak with you. You can contact them through the form at the bottom of this page here.