There's no bigger show on the planet right now than Empire. Lucious, Cookie, the sons, Tiana-- the whole cast is incredible. The story-lines are on point. The soundtrack has Billboard-worthy songs from beginning to end. It's a great show.

Our staff loves Empire (except for Billy, but no one likes him anyway), and for that reason we are pumped to host (except for Billy) the Empire All-Black Party with Hakeem Lyon and have a performance by Tiana Brown. That's not all- we'll be having DJs spinning hip hop all night, and opening performers by select locals. Here's where you come in.

We Have 3 Opener Slots Available For The Show

Are you a local performer? Do you want to add a big show to your performance resume? Want to be on the same stage as Hakeem and Tiana? Here's your chance. The details:

You have to be a performer in the general realm of hip hop

You have to email and explain why we should pick you

Please note, this is a pay-to-play slot also. If that's a deal breaker for you, please don't email or complain.

Looking forward to seeing your emails.