First off, the DJ Snake show will sell out. So, if you're reading this and haven't gotten your ticket yet, you need to secure your tickets ASAP (ticket link). Go!

Now that we know your ticket is secure, it's time to learn some DJ Snake-friendly dance moves.  Each of the below dance routines is taken from a popular DJ Snake music video. To isolate the move, we created custom animated GIFs.

If you happen to find any of these GIFs entertaining, feel free to steal them and share.

From 'Turn Down For What'


From 'Lunatic'

And of course, after the night is over, check the hashtag #venue578 on Instagram (from 'You Know You Like It')


The show is at 10pm on Thursday, July 30th. If you read this far without a ticket, the show might've sold out already. Check for yourself here though.