Orlando might not be known as hip hop haven, but that might be changing soon. There is plenty of hip hop talent in central Florida, and it's growing. The Scene is a re-occurring event that showcases some of our area's best hip hop artists, and we're not just talking rappers-- it encompasses the whole culture. That includes, rappers, singers, hip hop bands, b-boys, b-girls, visual artists, designers, etc on 3 stages inside our venue.

Back in March, we hosted The Scene I (see photos here). Naturally, we had to do a Scene II because Orlando's got too much talent to fit into a single event. To help you navigate the party better, we provided all the set times for each stage. Share with your friends who are attending.

Set Times (Stage 1):

  • Afrodeeeshzzz 8:20-8:30pm
  • Freak/ Split Soul - 8:45-9:00pm
  • Trini Elav8 9:15-9:25pm
  • Shinobi Stalin and Wordchemist 9:35-9:50pm
  • Orange Media Poetry
  • Van chiSO 10:10-10:20pm
  • Autumm Blaze
  • D II 10:40-11pm
  • Kallahann The Coolest 11:15-11:25pm
  • Trex Set 1 Song
  • Familygang 11:45-12:15pm
  • Orange Media Poetry
  • Bezz Believe 12:30-12:55pm
  • Andrew Ramos 1-1:25pm
  • Twan D 1:40-1:50am
  • Chico Money 2:-2:10am
  • Shaman 2:10-2:20am

Set Times (Stage 2):

  • Classy 8:20-8:30pm
  • Varsity Hi 8:40-8:50pm
  • 10min DJ Set
  • Knaladeus 9:05-9:15pm
  • Kerryspace 9:30-9:40pm
  • Pudgeylocs 9:50-10pm
  • Crescendo Merc 10:15:10:25pm
  • 10min DJ Set
  • Quest 4 Life 10:45-10:55pm
  • Ben Gram 11:10-11:20pm
  • SiRE (Pj Sire Rivera) 11:35-11:45pm
  • 10min DJ Set
  • Boogs Malone SC: 11:55am ST:12-12:10am
  • JR Chiz 12:25-12:35am
  • 10min DJ Set
  • StillTeamGreen 12:55-1:05am
  • OG Ninja 1:25-1:35am
  • 10min DJ Set
  • Open Mic 1:45-2:30am

Set Times (Stage 3):

  • Trevor Gla$$ 8:20-8:30pm
  • REEQO STAR 8:40-8:50pm
  • 10min DJ Set
  • Gazelle Baumgard ( Identified Truth ) 9:05-9:15pm
  • Deuce Deuce 9:30-9:40pm
  • Colby Stiltz 9:50-10pm
  • International Rob 10:15:10:25pm
  • 10min DJ Set
  • Red Sky 10:45-10:55pm
  • Gank Green Gang 11:10-11:20pm
  • Rogue Mob 11:35-11:45pm
  • 10min DJ Set
  • Nosis 12-12:10am
  • M.a.s.s 12:25-12:35am
  • 10min DJ Set
  • Mehsi 12:55-1:05am
  • InfyNite TraxX 1:25-1:35am
  • Freak Show Free Style Session 1:45-2:30am

The Scene II happens on Saturday, August 8th, doors at 8pm, 18+, tickets available here